Dear RunDisney

4 Feb

I know, I know, I owe recaps, but just had to vent first!

As you all may, or may not, know, I am participating in the Glass Slipper Challenge (I know, shocking based on my amount of running, but I did run again, yay!  …but I digress).  The Glass Slipper Challenge is the Princess Half Marathon and the Enchanted 10K on back to back days (3 medals in one weekend, yes please!  Dumbo hooked me on this).

I feel the need to organize and prepare is a characteristic we Disneyholics and/or runners share and as such, as always made me thankful for the job the RunDisney typically does with their races.  They typically provide runners with their waivers and corral placements a month before the races (that would be 1/22 for the record).  So, like any obsessed person who has nothing to look forward besides this trip and planning all aspects of it, I have been stalking the RunDisney site.  January 22 came around, bubkiss.  Finally on January 30, the corral placements, course maps and waivers were released!  And all is right with the world!  Yay!

…Except, not quite.  Am I upset with my corral placement?  Not at all! …maybe.  See, I don’t know for sure because RunDisney has decided to give me a panic attack.  I entered in my name and DOB for my waiver, no problem.  All is well.  I then enter in Doug’s information (he’s doing the 10K) and it tells me “no results found.”  NO RESULTS FOUND?!?!  Did I imagine or hallucinate registering him all those months ago?  I double checked my emails.  I have a confirmation for him.  Deep sigh of relief.  OK, fine, they just hadn’t taken care of the 10K people yet.  Fine.  I understand, they were a little busy with the Dopey, yadda yadda yadda. I’m sure the next time I check, it will all be well.

So, just under a week goes by.  I put in Doug’s information…NO RESULTS FOUND.  Panic attack resumes!  Dear RunDisney, here is the reason why you are stressing me out so much with this.  Some of us, the majority of your guests, like to plan and organize.  I for one like to make sure I have my waivers printed ahead of time, one less thing to worry about at the packet-pickup.  I also like to mentally prepare for the difference in corral locations from where my husband and I are placed.  I like to make sure I can print off the waiver while I still have access to a printer.  Basically, some of us like to have everything together before they hop on a plane in 2 weeks to run a race they are already worried about without the added stress of is my husband actually registered or not?!?!  At least tell me that hey, the 10K info is yet to come, sorry we haven’t gotten to it yet!  Don’t just leave me hanging not knowing!

*Deep breath*  Perhaps I am being unfair.  Nope, no I’m not and here’s why.  RunDisney has set a standard.  A standard in the the quality of the races they provide, a standard in the quality and manner in how they are organized.  This standard is part of the reason as to why I enjoy doing these races.  I don’t have to think.  Everything is spelled out and planned for me.  Everything runs smoothly with as little stress and complications as possible.  Except they’re not.  A new pattern seems to be forming.

Let me make this very VERY clear.  I love Disney.  I love running races in the Disney Parks.  I plan on continuing to do so.  However, I have noticed a pattern lately.  Some things are more major than others, but they’re still things I used to not have to worry about.

The past few RunDisney races, both from my own experience and from others, have not been the same standard as when I first started running.  We won’t go into the expo debacle in Disneyland, but the inability to get runners into their corrals for the 10K because they didn’t properly plan the time/location of the 5K, that’s something.  Both the ToT (from others) and the W&D (from me and others) found the courses to be lacking in the on course entertainment that we’re used to.  I actually had heard the same thing regarding the Disney World Half Marathon and 10K.  Not to mention issues with people’s corral placements.

Have they made improvements in how they’ve done things as the races have grown larger?  Yes.  But I feel like they are starting to sacrifice other aspects in the process.  Disney races come with a hefty price tag and the Disney experience is why people pay it, but I’m not sure that they’re maintaining the same level of Disney experience.

I feel like I’m committing blasphemy with this post.  Perhaps my complaints are petty and no one else sees this pattern forming.  Maybe the issues I have are not even RunDisney’s fault.

Dear RunDisney,

I am a loyal Disneyholic.  I have participated in several RunDisney races with the intention of continuing to do so.  That being said, please stop giving me a heart attack and give us access to the 10K waivers, or at least address if they are still to come or not!

Thank you,


5 Responses to “Dear RunDisney”

  1. Nicole @ pink elephant on parade February 4, 2014 at 4:24 pm #

    I think sometimes what happens is the birthday is entered incorrectly, or they made a mistake. As long as you have your confirmation email, I’ve heard people just give track shack a call and they can let you know over the phone or through email.

    I also like to think that we criticize because we love Disney so much we want it to be positively perfect in every way so if nothing else, it comes from a place of love.

    • kebe51 February 6, 2014 at 2:20 pm #

      It turns out they did have the wrong birthday…heart attack (temporarily) averted.
      And thanks, I appreciate that. You have this memory of Disney Magic and I guess I get a little dramatic when there’s the slightest hint something is off.

      • Nicole @ pink elephant on parade February 6, 2014 at 2:22 pm #

        Hey, when your trip to Disney is on the line, shit’s going to go down if something’s wrong. My first introduction to my magic + I was ready to jump through the phone and kill someone.

  2. wdwalone February 4, 2014 at 8:24 pm #

    The first thing I can suggest – do not hesitate to contact runDisney via phone (407-939-iRun) or email ( I have had some issues in the past and they have never failed to respond. For the Dopey Challenge my city/state was incorrect and I was concerned about having problems at the expo and they corrected it for me. For Dumbo Double Dare last year I registered at the WDW expo and was told they would send an email confirmation, but I never received one so I contacted runDisney and they sent me an email confirmation.

    As to your concerns regarding the level of standards of service, race entertainment, etc…Having completed 50 runDisney events – yes, I have seen some of the same things you mentioned. Like you, I hope the level we have all come to expect and appreciate continues because we have all seen the prices rise exponentially each race.

    • kebe51 February 6, 2014 at 2:18 pm #

      Thank you! I actually called RunDisney (the man I spoke to was very nice, of course) and they had the wrong date of birth for him, he didn’t really mind though because they made him 10 years younger lol (for the Disneyland 10K, they made him female) but stress has subsided…although apparently they’re not posting the 10K corrals until the Expo, interesting.
      I just hope that they’re not trying to overextend themselves and can remain true to what made people register for these races in the first place.

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