Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere – NYCRuns Queens Half Marathon Recap

19 Sep

Why the Gummi Bears theme song reference?  Because I have decided that Gummi Bears are freaking AMAZING.  But more on that later.

NYCRuns Queens Half Marathon.  This is the first time this race is being held.  I registered for it months ago to be a PR attempt race.  The plan was to TRAIN, work on speed work, get a faster time.  The course was local, flat  and the race was inexpensive.  Of course I completely abandoned this hope for a PR when, well, in all honesty, I didn’t train at all.  I did a 5 mile run and whatever shorter distances CrossFit covered.  I was tempted to not do this race at all, but I was using it as a kickoff to Goofy training, so I had to.

I had a bad feeling about this race.  Queens, thus far, has not been good to me.  The NYRR Queens 10K last year was horrible.  The Michelob Ultra NYC 13.1 was, well, worse.  While the course route was different, it still overlapped with both these races as they’re all in Flushing Meadow Park.  Spoiler alert…while the scenery still isn’t fabulous, it’s A LOT nicer in September than March.  I mean, there were actual flowers and green and is was actually pretty at certain parts.  Of course the roads themselves leave a lot to be desired.  There are numerous locations where the road is uneven with bumps and dips and can be hazardous if you’re not paying attention.

Adding to the panic is this is a smaller race.  Originally it was advertised as being capped at 500 people, but come race day, I think it was up to 900 something.  There was also a 3 hour cap.  Now, my PR leave me PLENTY of time to finish under the cap.  However, if I’m having a VERY bad race…I get a little too close to that number than I’d like.  A little added anxiety…yay!

Wow, I’ve done a whole lot of talking and I haven’t even gotten to the race part!  My bad!

Race day morning.  It was sunny, 55 degrees, 77% humidity.  Temperature yay!  Humidity eh.  It was very weird to be freezing and sweating at the same time.  Regardless, the weather gods seemed to be in our favor that day and I was thankful.  I also stood by the bag check until the last possible second so I didn’t have to part with my jacket.

Checked my bad, parted with my jacket and headed to the start.  There were no corrals.  There were no markers to indicate “if your pace is this, stand here.”  Basically it was a free for all.  Stand wherever you want.  Surprisingly, not as chaotic as it seemed.  I know I’m slower so I just stood in the middle of the pack off to the side to try and not get in anyone’s way.

The race was scheduled to start at 8:00am.  This is probably where my only/biggest complaint is.  We were all standing at the start line, anxiously waiting, and we started about 20 minutes late.  It’s not the end all of race day faux paus BUT it did lead me to dip into my gummy bear stash a little early to calm my nerves.

I was doing a race day no no.  Nothing new on race day.  I’ve noticed that come the end of the race I’m running on empty so I had wanted to try actually “fueling” for/during a race.  Gummy bears were the easiest to locate on short notice, so I decided to give them a try.

A few gummy bears later, the race started and we were off!  Before I even hit mile 1 I was immediately discouraged…even more.  I was having wardrobe malfunctions.  I hadn’t tied the string on my pants tight enough, so they were falling down.  Ugh!  I wasn’t going to stop already.  So I ended up doing a very entertaining pants hike every few steps until finally all was well.  And then issue number 2 hit.  This course is a 2 loop course, so I would be plagued by this for the next 6 miles.  BEFORE I hit mile 1, I see the sign for mile 7.  Ugh.  Come on!  I’m not even close yet!

Anyway, somewhere during this first mile is when my race day strategy would begin.  I would pick people and use them to pace me.  Mile 1 was the lady in black.  I was following behind her.  She was going a pace where I wasn’t dying.  I hit the first water stop, so I walked (because, as I’ve mentioned lots, I cannot drink and run at the same time because I suck).  Somewhere after the first mile,  the lady in black started walking, so I ended up passing her and having to find someone new!

Next was the lady in blue.  I would follow the lady in blue for a few miles.  I think I followed her a little too closely (sorry!) but I eventually became memorized.  I would just stare at her feet, listen to my music and just sing to myself “just keep running, just keep running.”  If I walked for a water stop, I would pick up the pace to catch back up to her.  Around mile 5, given the pace I was doing and how good I was feeling, I decided I WOULD PR THIS RACE.

Around mile 6 I took a gummy bear “break”…apparently I can also not chew and run at the same time.  This is the one downside to the gummy bears.  They take a while to chew.  So I decided to run while chewing, that led to a fun little bit of choking, but I survived!  And “just kept running.”

I was doing good with only walking for liquid stops (and a gummy bears).  Somewhere after mile 7 I decided that if I was going to PR, I needed to stop pacing off the lady in blue.  She had done well for me, but I had more in the tank, so I passed her, thanking her in my head.

While I was following the lady in blue, I picked up the lady in the spotted shorts.  She was running right next to me while I was following the lady in blue and ended up sticking with me when I passed her.  We essentially ran together for the next few miles, pacing each other.  She wouldn’t stop for the water stops, so I would speed up when the station was approaching, and then catch back up after I was done drinking.

And then we hit mile 10.  The dreaded mile 10.  This is where I REPEATED mentally breakdown and my body just stops because I am SO CLOSE.  I was still on a PR pace at this point.  I decided to call Doug to help try and pick me up.  I was multi tasking and eating some more gummy bears while I was at it.  Unfortunately, I still ended up with an extended walking break that I should not have taken.   Stupid brain.

After getting off the phone, I tried to shake it off, focus, and head on the quest to find the lady in the spotted shorts again!  I caught up to her at the 11 mile marker.  At mile 11 I decided I would push hard and make up the time lost at mile 10.  I WOULD PR DAMMIT!  Mile 11 was one of my faster miles.  I ended up passing the lady in the spotted shorts (again thanked her in my head for pushing/pacing me) and kept going.

Then I hit mile 12.  After the water stop at mile 11, that was it until I would finish the race.  No more “allowed” walking breaks until the finish.  I was STILL on a PR pace.  All I had to do was maintain a comfortable mile pace for that last mile and I would PR.  And that’s when my brain decided to sand bag it.

I don’t know why, but that last mile, I just couldn’t push myself/force myself to run.  Maybe subconsciously it was because I felt I didn’t deserve to PR because I didn’t train for it, I didn’t work for it.  I was SO CLOSE and my brain just kept telling me I can’t run any more.  I would try and run, last about a minute and then walk.  This is how the entire last mile went.  IT WAS HORRIBLE.  Stupid brain.  My PR was slipping through my fingers and I was letting it!

When I hit the mile 13 marker, I could see the finish line.  I saw that if I busted my ass and sprinted that last .1 I could still maybe PR.  And with that, I snapped my head back into place and sprinted to the finish with a 8:38 pace.  OK, that’s not really a sprint for some people (*cough*Lisa’s “easy run” pace*cough*) but for me, ESPECIALLY after 13 miles, that was pretty freaking fast.

And finally, I crossed the finish line!  …with a 35 second PR.

photo 2

I’m psyched about my PR.  But I’m of course still angry with myself.  My splits were all over the place and I shouldn’t have had to sprint to PR.  Stupid brain.  Have I mentioned stupid brain? Because stupid brain.

Either way, it’s a PR in the books and I’ll take it!

photo 1 (2)

I would definitely like to run this race again, although with a mid-September date, who knows if I will luck out with the weather again.  This race has also made me look forward to the half marathons I have upcoming as part of my Goofy training.  Hopefully my brain will snap out of this.

Damn this was a long post.  Sorry! :)

Strike 2 for Disney Fit Challenge

16 Sep

I know I owe weeks of training updates, TBT and a race recap from my half this weekend…BUT instead I’m going to right about the Disney Fit Challenge because they announce the workouts yesterday and THEY SUCK.

And I don’t just mean they suck in the typical “OMG I’m gonna die at CrossFit” type of way, I think that what they expect each division to do is honestly unrealistic of the divisions they’re in.

I’ve previously mentioned that there were divisions which competition would be broken up into: recreational, scaled, RX, elite, masters.  I registered for scaled because, realistically, that’s what I thought I was.  I have been doing CrossFit for almost a year and while I’m not fast, I am pretty (somewhat) strong and thought I would be ok with it.  Then the workouts were released.  And I realized I should have registered for recreational…except, oh wait, I can’t do some of the movements in those workouts either.

Granted I’m not an expert in CrossFit, but it seems to me that some of the movements and weight requirements they have don’t seem to match up to the division they are assigned.  Maybe it’s just me, but I have a feeling if I showed the workouts to some of my coaches, they might agree.  Needless to say, any issues I had about not participating on Sunday are gone.  I have NO problem not going on Sunday and instead trying to get 1 last ride on Maelstrom before my flight.

Scaled Division Workouts

30 Wall Ball Shots 14#
8 Clusters 65#
20 Wall Ball Shots 14#
10 Clusters 65#
10 Wall Ball Shots 14#
12 Clusters 65#

I technically have no issue with this workout.  I use a 14# Wall Ball in class and I can squat clean into a thruster (cluster) at 65# ok.  BUT while I am physically capable of it, I think the wall ball weight is off.  In the regionals, the women (so we’re talking fittest of the fittest) had a workout that involved 50 Wall Balls (technically 100 because they had to do it twice) and they were using a 14# ball.  Just saying.

“Row / Jumps”
Rowing Benchmark: 300 / 250 / 200 / 150 meters
14 Burpees Box Jump Overs 20”

Alright, this one might just be me, except a 20″ box?!?!  Come on!  I know women in my box who have been doing CrossFit for years and still can’t do a 20″ box!  Technically I can do.  Well, I’ve only done it 3 times.  Once before a WOD, and then the 3rd attempt in a WOD I slipped and mentally my brain wouldn’t let my body do it again.  Even the 18″ box takes me forever to do.  Basically, this one is gonna suck.  I’ll be doing this one until Sunday…unless there’s a time cap.  PLEASE LET THERE BE A TIME CAP!  I honestly don’t know how fair a 20″ box is, I just know for me personally, I do not see this going well…especially 14 times…times 4.
“Dumbbell Hops”
4 Rounds
15 One-Arm Dumbbell Ground-to-Overhead F20#
6 Hurdle Hops
12 Knees-to-Arms
12 Hand-release Push-ups

Oh were to begin with the issues I have with this one.  OK, One-Arm Dumbbell Ground to Overhead at 20#.  I’m not an expert on this movement or weight because honestly, I’ve never done it.  BUT, when they have the recreational women, scaled women AND RX women all doing this weight for this movement, that seems off.  Next up.  A hurdle hop?  WTF is a hurdle hop?  And by what is it, I mean how tall is that freaking hurdle because as we just discuss with the box jumps, ummmm this is not gonna go well.  I can’t use my hands or any other part of my body to touch the hurdle and get me over.  Maybe I can step over these too?  It’ll be slow, but at least I’ll get over them…maybe.  And last, but not least, the knees to arms.  I can’t do one of these.  But this is not just me.  First of all, these are HARDER than toes-to-bar (which the RX division is doing).  Of course, I can’t do a toes-to-bar either, but to give a harder movement to the “scaled” and “recreational” division?  WHAT?!?!

I’m not doing the Sunday WODs, so I’ll spare you all of me bitching about those too.

Basically, these workouts just seem inconsistent for the abilities of the people who are supposed to be.  I’ve read the recreational and RX workouts also and they seem off as well.  I don’t know.  I was so looking forward to this, and so looking forward to the WODs being released and now I’m just feeling kinda bleh about it in addition to feeling annoyed and disappointed and anxious.

Save the Maelstrom!

22 Aug

Recently I read Katherine’s post about the Norway Pavilion in EPCOT and also the Maelstrom ride.   Recently there have been rumors flying about that Disney is going to close the ride and open a Frozen themed ride there instead.

Except it might not be just a rumor.  For my trip down in September, a Fast Pass was available for the Thursday but when I looked at Sunday, it wasn’t an option.  As of September 28, there appears to be NO Fast Passes for this attraction.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Frozen as much as the next person…ok MORE than the next person, but I think closing the Maelstrom attraction and replacing it with a Frozen ride, is well, wrong.

First of all, all the pavilions in EPCOT are sponsored by their respective country.  Norway doesn’t want a Frozen ride there.  Why?  Because, although Frozen is inspired by Norwegian culture, it occurs in a fictional location of Arendelle, NOT Norway.  Why should this country sponsor a pavilion that does not reflect it’s culture, but rather reflect a fictional town?  It’s not right.  All the other countries get to keep what makes them them.  If Mulan had done better, would the China pavilion be forced to change it’s movie to something Mulan themed?

Furthermore, the World Showcase is kinda sacred.  It is the one place in WDW that is Disney without being DISNEY.  You know what I mean?  It’s bad enough they changed the El Rio del Tiempo ride to incorporate the Three Caballeros (which is completely UNNECESSARY – please change it back!) but don’t do this to Norway.  I love Disney and I love the characters, but the World Showcase is not meant to feature or focus on a specific Disney movie, theme, character, etc.  It is meant to “share the world” with the guests.  If you want to create a Frozen attraction, GREAT!  But put it where it belongs…in MGM Hollywood Studios (where movies are the theme) or in the Magic Kingdom with the rest of the Princesses!  Frozen does not belong in the World Showcase.

But perhaps most importantly…IT’S THE MAELSTROM!  Everyone loves this ride (although they may not love the movie at the end of it).  Admit it, no matter how many times you go on the ride, there is always that moment when you think/wonder if the boat is going to go over the edge.  


Just a little bit further…

So here is my idea…I know I only have like 10 people reading this…maybe (but you are an awesome 10 people!).  BUT you guys each have a significant number of readers.  I was wondering if there was a way to kind of get an online petition going.  I was thinking if we could spread the word to enough people, using twitter and tweet @WaltDisneyWorld with #SaveMaelstrom (as well as anything else you would like to say), maybe we can get back to them how many people are not happy with this change.

Unless of course I’m the only person who is not happy with this, in which case, hey, at least I tried.

I realize nothing may come of this, and that there are issues a lot more important to petition, but Disney is a customer driven business…I think they should know what their costumers think, right?


Look at those eyes?!?! How can you say no to that face?

*editors note: apparently #SaveMaelstrom is already out there…but keep it going!  And make sure @WaltDisneyWorld is seeing it!

I’m Pretty Sure I’m Over Thinking This…I Think

20 Aug

I love to dress up for RunDisney races.  Usually my costumes are not very elaborate, but I like to think you get the idea.

I also love to plan my vacations, especially the ones to Disney.  Part of that means that I actually have my costumes for my next 5 RunDisney races planned out.

A while back I had decided to I was going to dress up as the Genie for the Wine and Dine half marathon (which is going to be amazingly fun because there are some super amazing people going!).

This may sound silly, but with the tragic death of Robin Williams, I’m wondering now if the costume will be saying “something.”  

I, like almost everyone, was saddened, and dare I say it, devastated, so in no way do I want to insult or be insensitive or anything other than, I just really wanted to dress like the Genie.  He is, was, and always will be one of my favorite characters.

Somewhat ironically, my only 2 Wine & Dine experiences have been run with a heavy heart.  My first race, I ran with an I <3 NY sticker on my shirt since it was barely 2 weeks since Sandy had hit and devastated my beloved city.  I had actually ran to raise money to help with Sandy relief.  Last year I ran with a black armband in memory of my friend’s father-in-law who sadly succumbed to cancer the day before I left.

Perhaps its fitting that I still dress as the Genie, or perhaps it’s too soon (yes I’m aware the race is still 2+ months away).  Or simply, I’m over thinking this.  Maybe It’s OK to still dress as him and people will just think “hey, nice costume” or maybe it will bring back a happy childhood memory…or maybe they’ll have no idea who I’m supposed to be.

I clearly do not have the brain of a normal human being.

Week in Training (and my Cooking Kinda Sucked) 8/11-8/17/14

18 Aug

This week kinda sucked for a lot of reasons.  One of which, I’ve been working a lot of overtime, including on Saturdays so my running and cooking has been extra sacrificed…stupid work.  Note to self: get on that win lotto plan ASAP.

I cooked some bacon wrapped chicken (OMG SO GOOD) with Sweet & Savory Sweet Potatoes (both are Paleo) and then I also made chicken parmigiana with pasta with garlic and oil (both not paleo…at all) and tacos (again, not so much with the paleo).  Plus I should have kept in touch with my accountabilibuddies (is that how we spell that) because yesterday I made a LOT of bad decisions food wise…what?  Pizza is perfectly OK for breakfast!

BUT on the plus side, I had a PR for the 500m Row in CrossFit which I’m actually kinda proud of and not entirely ashamed of.  Yay me!

Monday – CrossFit
Warm-Up: On the Minute for 12 minutes, Even – 3 Strict Pull-Ups, Odd – 6 HSPU (Regular Push-Ups for me)
Skill: Squat Cleans – 5×4 @ 45#, 3×3 @65#, 1 @75# (that’s the warm-up) then 4×3 @ 80#
WOD: 500m Row (1:56.3)  I was uber happy with this time because I can rarely maintain an under 2:00 pace for that distance…and I did it!  Yay!  Extra happy because I didn’t think my legs could move after all those squats!

Tuesday – CrossFit
Warm-Up: 400m Row/20 PVC Rotations/20 PVC Thrusters/ 20 Wall Squats
Skill: Push Jerks – 2×4 @ 50#, 3×3 @ 60#, 1 @ 65# (warm-up) then 2 x (2+1) @ 60#, 2 x (2+1) @ 65#
WOD: 3 Rounds
20 KB Swings (24/16kg) 12kg
20 Gobble Thrusters (24/16) 12
Time: 7:50 (I did not RX this workout because while the swings w/ 16 is doable, the thrusters were awkward and not very strong and so I used the 12)

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – CrossFit 
WOD: Partner WOD Time Cap 30 minutes
100 KB Swings (24/16)
800m Run
100 Wall Balls 
800m Run
100 Ab Mat Sit-Ups
800m Run
100 Push Press (75/55)
800m Run
You were allowed to divvy up the workout however you likes EXCEPT the run.  Each partner had to run 400m and you could not start until your partner came back. This was where having me as a partner REALLY hurts you.  Not gonna lie, I rocked the Swings, the Wall Balls (I did more of them), the Ab Mat Sit-Ups (I tried to do more of those) and the Push Presses, but with me running, just couldn’t finish in the cap :(

Friday – CrossFit
Warm-Up: 2 rounds – Crab Walk, 20 Snatch w/ OHS w/ PVC, 10 in place inch worms
Skill: Squat Snatch – 3×5@ 20#, 2×3 @ 30#, I @30# (warm-up) then 3 @ 30#, 3 @ 30#, 3 @ 35#, 2 @ 35#, 1 @ 40#
WOD: 12 minute cap
200 Double Unders
50 Hang Cleans (95/65) – if you pause from the hang or put your bar on the floor, 10 burpee penalty
I got through 83 Double Unders.  I’ve mentioned I suck at these right?  But the highlight, I kinda got some consecutive jumps going, yay!

Saturday – Rest Day (worked ALL day)

Sunday – Lazy Day.  Lazy Days are different than rest days because with the exception of a quick run to target and prepping dinner, I did NOTHING.  But I needed that.

What are the goals for this weeK?  The same thing I try every week Pinky…try to take over the world!  Oops!  Sorry, I mean try to run and cook!

Friday Five: Favorite Disney Theatrical Productions (on Broadway)

15 Aug

I have yet to do a Friday Five thing and in my extreme anger towards Disney regarding the Disney Fit Challenge, I am trying to focus on what I love about Disney.  So I figure I would give this a try.  I kid you not, I had a dream about writing a post about the top five favorite Disney productions on Broadway so that’s the theme I’m going with.

1. Beauty and the Beast – This show was Disney’s first production on Broadway, and honestly, I still think it was it’s best.  This was the first Broadway play I EVER saw and I saw it in 1994 (the year it opened).  The production is still so vivid in my mind that I still remember the original cast I saw (Susan Egan and Terrance Mann).  In my opinion, it was the easiest of the Disney films to transition the stage.  The songs they added not only fit well into the original story, but were well written as well.  The performances were amazing, the costumes were perfect and the set design was just like the movie.  I had no idea what Broadway was before seeing this show, but I was forever comparing every show I saw after it to it.  I saw it again in it final year.  I wish it was still on Broadway because I would love to share it with so many people.


2. Aida – I know what you’re going to say, is this really Disney?  True, Aida was never an animated feature (or live action movie) produced by Disney, but the theatrical production WAS.  The story is based on an opera and is the tale of a Nubian Princess (who becomes a slave) and falls in love with an Egyptian Captain (who is to marry an Egyptian Princess), it’s your love triangle deal.  This production was more “serious” than you would expect from Disney and there was no happy ending…kinda…but what operas have happy endings?  The music and lyrics were written by Tim Rice and Elton John.  The part of Aida was written specifically with Heather Headley (who was the original Nala in the Lion King production) and man, was that part made for her!  I still get chills thinking of her performance (I was also fortunate enough to see the original cast of this one as well).  With Adam Pascal (of Rent fame) as the male lead, again, the performances for this play was amazing, I loved pretty much every song and well, it was just a damn good show.


3. Aladdin – I saw this musical shortly after it opened.  I’ll be honest, it’s this high on the list for it’s show stopping factor.  Yes the performances were good, but I honestly was not crazy about some of the new songs added.  For example I feel like Jasmine’s song could have been better.  It instead felt like it was just thrown in there because Jasmine is the female lead and therefore needs to have a song.  But believe me when I say the effects, the costumes and the scenery are what show stopping should be.  You know where the cost of your ticket went to pay.  You have to get used to the idea of Aladdin having three “sidekicks” for comic relief, instead of Abu.  And there’s the Genie.  The Genie is very good, but when you see it, you can’t go in expecting the Genie from the movie because well, he’s not Robin Williams.  No one is.  And no one can be.  It’s just too high of an impossible standard to live up to (I have more to say about that, but can’t).  I mean, he even says it in the movie “The ever impressive, the long contained, the often imitated, but NEVER duplicated…Genie of the Lamp.”  Anyway, it’s definitely an enjoyable musical, just don’t expect it to be exactly like the movie.


4. Newsies – I love the movie.  I love the music.  I love the dancing.  And so when there was a Broadway production of it, I HAD to go see it!.  Here’s the thing, I will gladly watch this musical over and over again, for one reason only, the choreography.  The dancing is phenomenal!  The things they do, OMG!  There are no words!  Plus there’s a tap number!  I’m a sucker for a tap number.  There is NOT enough tap in this world!  The reason why this play is not higher on this list is I am not particularly crazy about some of the plot changes.  I’m not saying that the plot of the movie is so brilliant, but yeah, I still can’t get over some of the decisions they made.  They made Bill Pullman’s character a woman and therefore the love interest (can I point out the age difference here between her and Jack Kelly?!?!) when what they could have done is just develop the already existing love interest from the movie who is at least the same age and would not go to jail for having a relationship with him.  And honestly, I’m not that crazy about her character, Bill Pullman was better. Plus the whole “Jack’s a talented artist” aspect, eh, I could take it or leave it.  They also changed some of the lyrics to the songs from the movie, which made it difficult to sing along, but I can get over that.  Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah, the dancing is freaking awesome!  Go see it!


5. The Lion King – Shock of all shock this is not higher on the list!  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s the Lion King.  Everyone loves the Lion King.  This too I saw the original cast perform (and then saw it again last year).  The costumes are amazing.  They way they are able to create the animals is phenomenal and uber creative and unlike anything you’ve seen (unless you’ve been to WDW because I’m pretty sure they’ve adopted that for some of the shows/parades there).  Anyway, they way they immerse the audience is incredible.  The performance will go into the aisles and you feel like you are part of the show, you are in that world.  However, again, there were decisions made that just seem off.  “The Madness of King Scar”  for example.  Some of the songs added fit in and some of them didn’t.  That particular song did not because it created this MAJOR plot point which was not developed, expanded and honestly shouldn’t have been even mentioned.  Essentially, Scar gets all upset that he’s not loved and thinks it’s because he doesn’t have a queen (not the fact that everyone is starving).  And guess who he decides should be his queen.  Nala.  You know, the lion half his age.  Anyway, instead of this proposition is what is used to motivate her to leave the pride and that’s when she finds Simba.  What was wrong with her being in search of food (or somewhere else to live) like in the movie?  Other than those 5 minutes where he sings and then creeps her out, this new plot “twist” is never mentioned or brought up again which really makes you wonder, why the even did it in the first place.  You want to give Scar another song, that’s cool, but this shouldn’t have been it.  You wanted to develop Nala’s character a little?  That’s cool too, but there was no other way to do it than giving her a creepy old lion hitting on her?  Sorry.  Umm, despite my rant about this, as I mentioned, this takes up all of 5 minutes of the production and should not be used as a reason to not go see it.  Because you should go see it.  It’s the freaking Lion King.


Honorable Mention - Mary Poppins.  If you saw Mary Poppins and what they did with that set, O. M. G.  


Obviously, all of the above are my opinions, if you have seen any of these shows and disagree with me, that’s cool.  I understand.  

If you haven’t seen any of these shows…you should!  Except, well, unfortunately you can’t see some of them, but the ones you can, GO DO EET!

Why Disney?!?! Why?!?!

14 Aug

When you register for anything Disney related, you expected it to be well run with pretty much every minute thoroughly planned out.  Some people like this, some people don’t.  The OCD planner in me loves this.  No thinking involved.  Disney has told me when and where to be and so I will that’s what I’ll do!

Disney released the news of the Disney Fit Challenge back in March.  It is essentially a CrossFit competition, with varying ability levels, taking place in the Wide World of Sports.  When the announcement was made, there was very limited, or rather no, information released with it, other than the registration date.  In fact, it wasn’t until the registration that you got any real specifics about it.

However, at the time of the announcement, we knew the following: it was have a recreational, scaled, RX and elite division, we are guaranteed 5 WODs, and you could sign up for the competition on Friday or Saturday with Sunday was left for the top people to compete.

I decided to register for Saturday because that is when Jenn was doing it and we decided it would be fun to go on the same day.  Sarah is also part of this plan too, but since she has no idea who I am, I don’t think I mattered in her planning lol.

Anyway, the only reason this trip is even feasible is because Doug has off from school that Thursday & Friday because of Rosh Hashanah.  So the plan was to fly down crack of dawn Thursday morning (actually, might even be before the sun comes up) and then fly back on Sunday night.  

It’s not a lot of time, but we can easily do the Food & Wine festival, twice.  And now that they’ve extended the Frozen Summer Celebration in MGM Hollywood Studios through then end of September, obviously we make time for that.  It will be a packed trip but fun and this is all based on the fact that I am slow and therefore will not be making it to the Sunday “top competitors” workouts.  Yay for being average! :)

And then Disney decides to screw us with a little more than a month to go.  They announced that there will no longer be a competition on Friday.  OK, not so bad, I wasn’t doing Friday anyway.  But wait!  There’s more!  Those guaranteed 5 WODs are now going to be spread out over Saturday AND Sunday, which means Sunday is now for everyone, not just the top people.

Besides the fact that I was planning on spending Sunday until leaving for the flight at Epcot, I can’t do Sunday because, as I’ve just mentioned, my flight is on Sunday!  I would need to leave for the airport BEFORE the competition is scheduled to end.  My flight is non-negotiable.  There is no later option and I cannot fly back on Monday.  Way to screw us.

Rumor has it that Sunday may be optional, but that’s just a rumor.  And why do I not know anything really?  Because the most amazing part is that Disney has still not notified it’s Saturday competitors!  I only know about this change because someone posted a “complaint” about it on the facebook page.

First of all, this change is wrong.  I don’t care that its in your “terms and conditions” you cannot make this type of change this close to the competition.  EVERYONE has finalized hotels and flights and the cost of changing it is ridiculous.  Not to mention, even if this Sunday is “optional”  that means we are paying all this money for less than we were supposed to be getting.  We were supposed to get 5 WODs.  If we skip Sunday, we don’t get those.  Not to mention, who knows what else is at issue if we don’t participate.  Do we get a DNF (did not finish?).  

And the not knowing what the hell this change involves brings me to gripe #2, HOW CAN YOU NOT NOTIFY EVERYONE?!?!  You are Disney.  You are as meticulous about planning as it comes.  It doesn’t matter that we weren’t scheduled for the Friday competition, this change still affects us and therefore you should have notified everyone at the same freaking time!  Or notified us at all PERIOD.  Where is my email telling me what the hell is going on?!?!  I found out about this on Monday, but apparently the Friday people were informed last Friday.  It’s been a week Disney.  A freaking week and you have still yet to tell the Saturday people what the hell is going on.  

Not to mention, even the people who were made aware, also have no idea what the hell is going on.  Apparently the notification was just notifying the it was now Saturday and Sunday without any specifics as to what this change entails.

I’ve got to say, I LOVE Disney and I LOVE CrossFit, but thus far I am VERY disappointed in the handling of this event.  I understand it’s a first time event, and so maybe I should have a bit more patience, but this is NOT how Disney operates, first time event or not. 


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