Week in Training and COOKING (1/19/15-1/25/19)

26 Jan

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!  Remember these?  These posts that were supposed to hold me accountable and the very reason as to why I started the blog?  2015 Goal: STICK WITH THIS!

And so, here we go!

Monday - Rest Day

Tuesday  – CrossFit
Don’t remember what the Warm Up or Skill was, but the here’s the WOD:
CrossFit Open 12.3
15 Box Jumps (24/18) 18′
12 Push Press (75/55) 55#
9 Toes To Bar (did Knees to Chest)
Total: 5 + 11 (Box Jumps take me SO long!)

Also when I got home, I attempted to do some speedwork.  Supposed to be 12x400m with 90sec rest, turned into 4x400m because I suck.

Wednesday  – CrossFit
Partner Row
* Damper on 10
Skill: Front Squat
3 Reps Every 1:30 For 15 Minutes
Go Up By 10lbs Each 1:30
Started at 90# failed at 140# – I was disappointed failing so early, but I’m gonna pull the “I completed the Goofy Challenge a week and a half ago so I’m lucky my legs did ANYTHING” card and try not to let it phase me.)

Thursday  – CrossFit
Again, I don’t remember what the Warm Up or Skill was, but the here’s the WOD:
CrossFit Open 13.2
5 Shoulder To Overhead (115/75) 75#
10 Deadlifts (115/75) 75#
15 Box Jumps (24/18) 18′
Total: 4+4 (again Box Jumps take me SO LONG).

Friday – CrossFit
Skill: Push Press
8 reps Every 2 Minutes For 12 Minutes
All Reps At 75% Of 1 rep Max – I started at 75% (SLIGHTLY less than 75%) and did that for the first 4 rounds.  The last 2 rounds dropped down to 70#.  Again, disappointed in this, but 8 reps is A LOT, so I’m TRYING to not be too upset by this.
Death By Pull Ups
Total: 8 (with bands)

Saturday – Rest/Lazy Day (although I did finish ALL my costumes for Princess!)

Sunday – Rest/Lazy Day

My running plans didn’t go quite as planned this week, as in I only tried once and didn’t even do what I was supposed to, but we’ll see how this week goes.

My Cooking did however go REALLY well as I cooked 4 nights this week!  I’m trying to be back on my Paleo during the week and allow myself to live a little on weekends (I’m sorry, I love pizza too much to do Paleo 24/7).  This week I cooked:

Breakfast Muffins
Roasted Tomato Bacon Soup
Garlic Topped Steak Roulade
Caveman French Toast
Ginger BBQ Beef

I do however need to get better at making sides/veggies.  If only I liked veggies.  I do have to say, while I am usually my worst critic, my food tasted pretty darn good!

Goofy Challenge Part II – WDW Marathon

21 Jan

This is going to be long.  You have been warned.

The day had arrived.  The BIG day.  26.2 miles.  If you read my blog or you know me, you are well aware that I’ve been having a panic attack about this day for a really REALLY long time!  In fact, I was receiving messages first thing in the morning from certain people who were worried I might not get on the bus *cough*Danielle*cough*Nicole*cough* and believe me, I thought about it!

I had been planning to do this challenge for almost 3 years!  I had been training for this for months!  And the day was here.  I DID get on the bus and the panic attack continued.  Even the lady sitting next to me on the bus was trying to calm me down.  She had down about a dozen marathons and had decided this one would be her last.  Kinda ironic, my first on her last (although she’ll probably do another one!).

Got off the bus and met up with Danielle again and Nicole, who would be the amazing fantastic running buddy who would emotionally carry me through 26.2 miles.  This is no easy task.  And she did it like a champ!  (Seriously, if you can get her to run a race with you, DO IT!)

Before we knew it, we were in our corrals waiting to start.  Nicole was being SUPER excited and (yes, you were speaking with the announcer with every fireworks) singing and dancing and she couldn’t wait to get started.  I on the other hand just wanted to flee and go back to my hotel.



Just an unrelated side note Disney, the Brooklyn Half actually has the port-a-potties in the corrals…considering you trap us in there for a REALLY long time, you might not want to make it impossible for us to pee last minute if we need.

ANYWAY!  Corral by corral was getting sent off.  Panic and more panic was setting in.  And then before I knew it, we were off!  The instant I cross that start line something changed.  Panic went away!  I was OK!  Nicole was drilling it in my head we were “just running to the Magic Kingdom” and I could handle that!

Rather quickly it seemed, we were back at the entrance gates for the Magic Kingdom!  Which of course meant we were still miles away from the Magic Kingdom, but still, yay!  Nicole and I had decided to not repeat pics from yesterday, so, sorry, no pics in front of the entrance today!  While I’m mentioning pictures, I should mention that about 90% of these were taken by Nicole.  She did an amazing job documenting my first marathon and I was horrible and took like zero of her.  Bad me.

Moving on…

Magic Kingdom!  We were back!  I was feeling REALLY good heading into the Magic Kingdom.  I was feeling like I could do this thing, like I would do this thing!  Yes, it was early, but we were having fun! (even though I kept harassing Nicole about how slow my marathon math said we were moving…I was not looking at my garmin AT ALL for pace, just for intervals).




I didn’t get them in time the day before during the half, so I HAD to make sure I got them during the full. FROZEN FOREVER!


*photo by marathonfoto


*photo by marathonfoto


*photo by marathonfoto

After we exited the Magic Kingdom we were off to the Speedway!  Which I was kind of excited about because it was finally somewhere in Disney that I had NEVER run before!  I was forewarned about the insane entrance into the speedway.  Let me tell you, whatever you’ve heard about it, it’s worse than you picture it!  That thing is like a 90 degree angle!  How the hell was anyone still running down and up that thing!


*photo by marathonfoto


Feeling ok in the speedway!

I admit the cars and their drivers were kinda cool.  It was reminiscent of that stretch in the Disneyland Half where all the classic cars are, although I know the first year they incorporated this section they had characters from Cars and I’m a little disappointed they stopped doing that.  Would have loved a photo stop with Mater!

And just like that, we were off to the Animal Kingdom!  I’m not gonna lie, that stretch seemed kinda long, but I was having a blast with Nicole!  Still singing, not quite dancing, but again, feeling good for the first half of this race.

Nicole had only asked one thing of me this entire race and that was to stop for the picture with the villains.  There was no way I was saying no to ANY of her requests, especially one as awesome as that!


After JUST missing them during W&D, I in turn asked for a picture with the Country Bear Jamboree bears!  I love Country Bear Jamboree!


Animal Kingdom seemed like a blur.  I was debating riding Expedition Everest, but sitting down after 13 miles might make it impossible to start running again, plus Nicole wasn’t going to ride it, so it was an easy pass!  (Although I would like to try it some point…you know…if I ever crazily do this again).

After Animal Kingdom is where is also started to go all downhill for me.  I’m not gonna like, I think I became a miserable human being the second I realized that I still had another half marathon to go!  I knew the stretch to WWoS, in WWoS and from WWoS would suck.  It seemed like all the characters had disappeared.  Some point on the way to WWoS it had started to rain and it was extra annoying, that despite the rain, I was starting to feel overheated again.  I was extremely frustrated by this because I wasn’t even pushing myself pace wise.  I mean, it felt like I couldn’t go any faster, but I knew I could.  Does that make sense?

Just after mile 14 Nicole called fellow accountabilibuddy Kim and we chatted with her for a bit.  Nicole kept saying how awesome I was doing and I was pretty sure I kept calling her a liar.  How could she possible think I was doing awesome?!?!  I was moving like molasses and somehow getting overheated by it!

Nicole, the marathon pro and running buddy extraordinaire, decided that at all the water stops she would start dumping water on my head.  I stubbornly insisted I would be fine soaking my sponge at the water stops (Nicole was also awesome and provided sponges for us).  Yes, that’s right, somehow in the rain, I needed more water on me.  I don’t know if it was the humidity or what, but something was getting to me!

Finally, we entered the WWoS.  I knew that if I could survive this thing, get out of WWoS I would be OK.  WWoS made me her bitch.


That smile isn’t quite as big any more is it?

Somewhere around mile 18, it happened.  My breakdown.  Nicole was a rock start and running so well and having a blast and I was completely miserable.  My bunions (which occasionally act up) was actually causing a sharp pain in the inside of my foot that spread to my arch a little.  It wasn’t devastating, but it made me limp every once in a while.  I felt like my legs weren’t moving at all anymore.  AND I STILL HAD 8 MORE MILES TO GO!  I wasn’t even CLOSE TO FINISHING.  I just kept telling myself don’t cry, don’t cry, but at the same time I was telling myself that I was saying, “you can’t do this.  who were you kidding?  you’re not gonna finish.  you can’t do this.”  And then it happened, Nicole asked me if I was crying, and with that question, the flood gates opened!  I couldn’t stop.  I couldn’t control it.  I’m still not 100% sure where it came from or why, but it happened.  Right there in WWoS.  My breakdown.

Besides Nicole doing here best to cheer me up (yes, there was some mocking involved), I would just like to thank the other runners who saw me breaking down, gave me hugs, and tried their best to make me feel better and encourage me that I could do this.  There was one group of guys running, one asked the other “when’s our next interval” and the other guy responded with “I don’t know, I’m just worried about Goofy here.”  Seriously, the amount of love and support I was getting from these strangers and Nicole, it’s why running is amazing and runners are amazing.  After an extended walk break to stop crying, I finally stopped, and we were back in business!  If it wasn’t for running with Nicole, I know I would have stayed in WWoS, given up, and just waited for the sweepers.  For this, I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL TO NICOLE.


Singing and dancing in the rain… *photo by marathonfoto


What breakdown? *photo by marathonfoto

FINALLY we were out of that hell hole known as the WWoS.  But the stretch of highway was to MGM Hollywood Studios was no better.  I mean, I was doing better, but I was still a miserable human being.  Still soaking my sponge and every water stop and at one point I think I finally caved and let Nicole dump water on my head.

And then, the one shining spot in this horrific stretch, the highlight of the race…THE NARDI CHALLENGE!


“Drop and give me 10!” “WHAT?!?!” “2, 4, 7, 10″

And then, at last, finally, we entered MGM HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!  I was slowly getting my grove back mentally once I was here.  I was still moving like molasses, but “just” a 5K more and I would be done!  And it was the best 5K!  …even through the rain.


*photo by marathonfoto


*photo by marathonfoto


*photo by marathonfoto

I turned down a ride on Expedition Everest, but there was one thing I REALLY wanted to do for this race.  I wanted a grapefruit beer and I wanted to cross the finish line with it!  At this point I was texting Danielle, who was long done with the marathon, and she amazingly was getting me a grapefruit beer and was gonna wait for me, in the rain, at mile 25.5 for the hand off.

We exited the Studios and were off to EPCOT!  Which, as Nicole repeatedly referred to it as, “my victory lap.”  Yay EPCOT!

And once we were in EPCOT I was a different person.  I was back to enjoying myself and having fun!  I WAS GOING TO DO THIS!


Ah, Paris *photo by marathonfoto

As we run past the American Adventure, Nicole and I bust out into “Ammmmmerrrrrrica, spread your golden wings, sail on freedom’s winds, across the skyyyyyyyyy”.  Soon after America, ok, a couple countries later, I spotted Danielle with her husband Jason and with Jenn!  And I got so EXCITED!  Nicole swears it was the beer, but I think I was just so excited to see spectators that I knew were there FOR ME.  Yes, I’m on a bit of an ego trip, but still, it was an amazing feeling.  Just like Danielle did when she spotted me during the NYCM, I started jumping up and down and “sprinting” to them!  I gave Danielle and Jenn big soaking wet hugs and thanked so much for the beer!


*photo by Danielle and/or Jason


*photo by Danielle and/or Jason

You thought I was a different person once I entered EPCOT? I was an even more different person after that!  I couldn’t stop smiling!  Mentally and physically it was like I didn’t just do 25.5 miles, that breakdown never happened.


*photo by marathonfoto



*photo by marathonfoto


*photo by marathonfoto

That last stretch went by in a blur!  I was so happy!  And I was so thankful to Nicole who carried me through this!  And I was so excited to have a beer crossing the finish line (yes, I’m weird, but you know you kinda wish you did too!).


*photo by marathonfoto


look Doug! I got my beer!


*photo by marathonfoto


Yes, we stopped right in front of the finish line to take this picture because Nicole is awesome and I’m so glad we did it!


*photo by marathonfoto

Given how emotional I was the entire training process and up until well, mile 19 let’s say, I was convinced I was going to cry when I crossed the finish line.  But I didn’t.  I think I was just so happy, and feeling so good for that last mile, I had completely forgotten about the previous 25 and it just didn’t hit me that I did it.  I did a marathon!  I did the Goofy Challenge!

I did almost cry though when I saw Doug.  He greeted me with a big hug, wouldn’t let go, and he was crying.


Just call us Dopey and Goofy


I DID IT! …I think

Despite me renaming Goofy to Goofy You Son of A Bitch, it still hasn’t hit me that I did it.  I would never have survived this thing without the amazing support of friends, family, random runners and of course, Nicole.

I may or may not be back for Dopey 2018.  Shhhhhhh, don’t tell Doug!

Peggy Sue

20 Jan

I know I owe multiple recaps, especially that of the WDW Marathon, but I just wanted to take a moment to talk about Peggy Sue.  If you are on any of the the RunDisney related pages on Facebook, you have no doubt heard yesterday that Peggy Sue passed away.

The first time I saw Peggy Sue was in Disenyland.  I was doing the Inaugural Dumbo Dare Challenge and that Disneyland Half was my first half marathon I was running on my own.  I had a lot of anxiety about that race.  It was at the end of a 2 week glorious (and glutinous) honeymoon, my training hadn’t been stellar, I had never done a challenge race before and as I mentioned, this was my first half solo.  I had begun struggling around mile 10, as I always/typically do.  I started walking more that my intervals dictated and I just wanted to be done already.  Then I saw Peggy Sue with her sign.


This picture is clearly not from Disneyland, but I don’t have any of my own so I had to “borrow” this one.

Her sign, so simple, but honestly meant so much.  After seeing her at mile 12, I snapped out of my funk and was determined to not let Doug see me walking to the finish line!  I admittedly don’t usually remember the people who hold the signs that I remember from races (but I still appreciate you!) but I remembered Peggy Sue and even told Doug about her after the race.

As it was my first race in Disneyland, I though Peggy Sue was just in Disneyland.  But then, I saw her while running the Princess Half months later.  I was so excited!  I didn’t stop and take a picture with her, but I did stop and ask her if she was in Disneyland and she said yes.  Wow, going Coast to Coast to spectate and be there to be proud of us complete strangers, she was something special.

I didn’t look for her during the Noah’s Ark Half Marathon (otherwise known as W&D) this year, but I did look for her during the WDW Half and Full Marathon.  I admittedly was sad to not see her there, with her inspirational sign and big smile.

Her loss is greater than perhaps she would ever have thought.  After all, she was a complete stranger.  But I know I am not the only runner who’s life she touched, and whom she motivated or made smile just with her presence and her sign.

Hello complete stranger we will all miss you too!

Goofy Race And A Half Challenge Part 1 – WDW Half Marathon

15 Jan

I probably should hold off on posting this since I still owe a Wine and Dine recap and a Chanukah Chalf recap.  Plus I’m seriously considering actually ordering the photos from marathon photo…but you guys don’t mind the word “proof” for my pictures to get this done sooner, do you?

This was my first time heading to a race this weekend and actually running it.  I had been here the previous 2 days to watch my parents do the 5K and my dad do the 10K.  But this time I was actually running!  Which also means, this time, I was waking up 3 hours earlier!  (I would just like to say, this is one of those times when I am so psyched I can get ready in 15 minutes).

When I had packed my suitcase, it was supposed to be warm on Saturday, so I opted to save the suitcase space and not pack my throwaway.  BIG mistake.  I was freezing.  Fortunately the nice cast members in my hotel lobby gave me a garbage bag.  That garbage bag saved me!  At least until right before the start, but I’ll get to that.

I was on the bus and at the start line and off to meet Nicole, who would be my running partner in crime this weekend.  Our game plan was for this to be my slowest half marathon ever.  And, spoiler alert, it pretty much was.

While at the start, we met up with Danielle and her husband Jason (who was running his first half marathon YAY!) and some of her running buddies from Cape Cod.


*photo by Marathonfoto

I think the waking up early for Dopey was starting to get to Nicole. but it led to what might be my favorite picture of the trip…


No sleep = upside down bib placement. Despite my request, she fixed it so it was right side up.

We headed to our respective corrals.  The fireworks went off and we began the long trek to the start line.  As each corral was released, we may or may not have been spying the throw aways that people left on the railing looking for something for us to wear during the race.  My garbage bag was great and all, but I couldn’t run with it!  And eventually we found 2 throwaways that were actually really nice and we kinda wanted to keep them.  Does that make us bad people?  Anyway, we put on our new throwaways and before we knew it, our corral was off!


With our new throwaway finds! *photo by Marathonfoto

The first few minutes of the race was me yelling at Nicole to slow down.  I think she was just so excited!  But she was running with me to make sure I didn’t “accidentally” PR this race, so I had to reign the girl in!  Once we settled into our (slow) pace, we began our show.  Yup, that’s right, at no cost to Disney, we provide on course entertainment with our singing and occasional dancing.  Before we knew it, we were at the gate for the Magic Kingdom!


Somewhere at this point, we had actually picked up another runner who was doing the same intervals as us and asked to join us.  SURE!  The more the merrier!  Although, I think we (I) ended up being to slow for her and she left us somewhere in the Magic Kingdom.

Speaking of which, before we knew it (yes, again) we were running down Main Street!




*photo by Marathonfoto

Anyone who does this course knows that the trek back to Epcot after you leave the MK kinda gets, well, blah.  Unless you’re running with us because we are awesome and sing and entertain you!

Around mile 6 I had gotten a text from Doug that he was leaving the hotel and off to the finish line.  It’s a good thing he’s so OCD about being early because he ended up getting to the finish line at the same time we did!  But I’ll get to that too…

What I found odd is by the hotels on the way back to Epcot, they had the guys in tuxes to take pictures with.  I’m used to seeing them during the princess, holding a glass slipper, and so they kinda make sense in that context, but here they seemed a bit out of place.  Just my opinion.  Anyway…

Considering I was taking this race “easy” I actually wasn’t feeling so great.  I was sweating but I was having chills at the same time.  And I was starting to feel a little lightheaded.  Maybe I should have eaten my whole bagel…OOPS!

I was getting panicked texts from Doug that there were no buses to Epcot so he had to get on one for the MK and take the monorail from there.  I tried to ease his mind saying by giving him our location, letting him know he still had plenty of time.

By mile 10 I was still feeling a little lightheaded and Doug was STILL on the bus to MK, so we decided to take some extended walking breaks to give me a chance to feel better and Doug a chance to “catch up.”

At this point also, we were approaching what is possibly the most important part of the race course…THE GREEN ARMY GUY!  Which of course means only 1 thing…THE NARDI CHALLENGE.  Time for some push-ups!


Drop and give me 5! (So we did!)

Again, trying to slow down we stopped for a pic with the guys on stilts because, well, why not?


Somewhere between mile 11 and 12 (although I think closer to 12) I got an update that Doug was finally on the monorail to Epcot!  YAY!  He might make it!

On the way we had to stop at mile 12 to say hello to our besties Anna, Elsa and Olaf…even if they were only 2 dimensional.


Then we saw a spectator with his dog…AND HE WAS LETTING PEOPLE PET THE PUPPY!  SO WE HAD TO PET HIM!  WE HAD TO!


Who’s such a good spectating puppy?!?! (yes, I’m saying that in a baby voice, DON”T YOU JUDGE ME!)

And just like that, we were in Epcot!


My favorite part of Epcot is that short stretch where we’re right next to runners going the opposite direction…that’s when I high five EVERYONE!  …unless you’re one of those lame people who did not high five back.  Boo to you!


I hate that marathonfoto cut Nicole out of 90% of my photos…guess we’re just too awesome for one camera to contain! *photo by Marathonfoto


almost there!


spotting Doug by the finish line…HE MADE IT! *photo by Marathonfoto


*photo by Marathonfoto

And we were done!  The “easy” part of the Goofy Challenge was complete!  13.1 done, “just” 26.2 more to go!


Oh, and if you can grab yourself a Doug, you should do so!  Nothing beats being greeted at the finish with a rose and beer!  …except maybe a rose, beer and bacon :)


WDW Marathon tomorrow…

I Was Not Prepared for (Another) Meltdown!

5 Jan

In less than 2 days, I leave for WDW.  Where normally I am super psyched and can’t wait and counting down the days until my trip, this is not the case this time.  I don’t think I’ve ever NOT looked forward to a trip to WDW until now.

Why?  Because this trip is for the WDW Marathon Weekend, where I for some crazy strange “what the hell was I thinking?!?!” reason registered for the Goofy Race and A Half Challenge.  Not only am I running my first full marathon EVER, I’m running it the day after a half marathon and I am honestly having panic attacks about it.  I’m feeling under prepared and under trained.

Yes, a week ago I did 20 miles but it still hasn’t hit me that I did 20 miles.  It doesn’t feel like I did 20 miles.  Oh and yeah, they were slow and horrible and I may have had a complete and total meltdown (again) during it.

After my failure attempt at 19 miles (and my meltdown from that), what I thought was my corral placement (and my meltdown from that), my no good very bad 18 miles (and my meltdown from that) I thought I was done with the meltdowns.  I was prepared for the physical exhaustion of training, I was NOT prepared for the emotional exhaustion.

My 20 miler didn’t start off as well as I would hope.  Don’t yell at me Danielle but I still didn’t have my bagel for breakfast.  Doug was sick the day before and I completely forgot to pick one up.  BUT, while I did over sleep (again) I wasn’t as unprepared this time as I had set aside what I was wearing and bringing with me.  I improvised and put peanut butter on hamburger bun (it was the only carbs in my house) and I was out the door!

The original plan was do the first 7 miles with my dad, 6 miles on  my own, then Doug would run the last 6 miles with me.  Unfortunately, all these miles would take place on multiple out and backs on the same running path because it is the ONLY location near me that I can run straight without have to stop every minute to cross a street.  Also unfortunately, as previously mentioned, Doug was sick.  Which means he was out for the last 6 miles.  Which means I would be on my own…again…after those 7 miles with my dad.

I had brought honey stingers with me, multiple bottles of water (that I stored in my car and could pick up every 6-7 miles) so I was feeling more prepared.  I was feeling pretty good running with my dad.  He does a nice easily manageable slow pace and so I found myself skipping my walking breaks just to make the most of some company while I had it.

And then my dad left.  The 2nd trip out (3rd time passing this scenery) went pretty well, I was sticking to my intervals, eating a stinger every few miles, and totally thinking I could do this.  Then somewhere on the trip back it started to fall apart.  It felt like I wasn’t moving at all.  I was on my own.  Doug wasn’t coming.  And worst of all I had only hit 14 miles.  14 MILES!  I can do 14!  Why the hell was I struggling at only 14 miles?!?!

I went to my car to switch out my bottle of water and on my walk back I called Doug.  And that’s when it happened.  My epic collapse/downfall.  I had originally called him to let him know I wish he was running these last 6 miles with me, then it turned into me accusing him that he wouldn’t run with me even if he wasn’t sick, then to me apologizing, THEN the crying.  A LOT of crying.  And through the tears I was muttering “I don’t want to do this anymore!” “I just want to be done with this!”  “I’m tired of running!”  “I can’t do this!”  And I’m pretty sure this was on repeat for a while.

By this point I had plopped myself down on the ground and just started to embrace the crying.  Doug was begging me to come home and I just kept responding with “but I have to do another 5.5 miles!!!!!”  And there was something about running that out and back 1 more time that just made me break.  I couldn’t do it.  Not again.  I was so tired of running past the same things umpteen times!

I had texted Danielle that I was having a breakdown because she has been beyond fantastic about getting me through this training and  talking me down off the ledge.  I’m also 99% sure that she is more excited about me doing this race (and more confident in me doing it) than I am.

Then I decided to finish my run on the treadmill.  It was “only” 5.5 more miles and it was somewhere that wasn’t this stupid running path.  On my way home, Danielle called me.  Really, I’m just going to rename her Danielle, my savior, because that’s who she is: Danielle, my savior!

She was also doing her 20 miler that day and so, she, in her amazing savior self, “ran” my remaining 5 miles with me on the phone.  My pace had slowed A LOT and I may have went from 4/1 intervals to 3/1 intervals, but I would NEVER have finished those last few miles without her on the phone with me!  It also became a bit of a game that if I slowed down enough her speedy self could end up finishing at the same time (or before me).  Didn’t work out quite that way, but close enough.

And so after a less than stellar 20 miles, I am currently having panic/anxiety attacks about this race.  Not so much the half marathon.  I know I have that.  But the full marathon.  WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR A FULL MARATHON?!?!  Yes, I will have Nicole running with me and it will be super fun (you know, except for the parts where I want to kill myself because dear Lord why aren’t I done running yet) and I have strict instructions to call Danielle should I start to doubt myself because she will “make sure I cross that finish line,” BUT I just can’t help but have this feeling of terror and panic about this race.

I find myself reading recaps of everyone’s WDW Marathon experience trying to get excited about this, but I find myself getting teary-eyed (seriously, this has made me more emotional than hormones EVER did) and I don’t know if I’m crying because that will be me in less than a week or because I don’t think it will be me in less that a week!

In Legally Blonde, there’s a line about when people exercise, it creates endorphins.   Endorphins make people happy.  Happy people don’t kill people.  Can I just say, WHERE THE F**K ARE THESE ENDORPHINS BECAUSE I AM NOT FREAKING HAPPY?!?!

What’s the point of this rant?  I don’t know.  I guess I just needed to let out a scream.


And with that, the next time you hear from me I will (or won’t) be a marathoner.  It’s been nice knowing you!

Do You Want to Run a Marathon?

29 Dec

As Goofy quickly (a little too quickly) approaches, I find myself waking up earlier and earlier…almost as if my body is prepping me for the God awful early morning wake up calls.  How do I occupy my time in the hours until my husband wakes up?  I rewrite Disney songs to apply to running!  Off the success of “A Whole New Run” I give you “Do You Want to Run a Marathon?” (based off of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” you know, in case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t get the reference).

Do you want to run a marathon?
Come on let’s go and train!
I never see you anymore
Run out the door
It’s like I’ve gone away!
We used to be run buddies
And now we’re not
But it’s only a “few” more miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles
Do you want to run a marathon?
It kinda has to be a marathon…

You: Go away I hate running

Me: OK bye

Do you want to run a marathon?
We’ll run all through Disney World!

I think some company is overdue
I’ve started talking to
myself on my long runs!
(Hang in there me!)
It gets a little lonely
All these stupid miles
Just watching the Garmin tick by!
(16.1, 16.2, 16.3 – how the hell am I only at 16.4?!?!)

I know I’ve been out running
People are wondering where I’ve gone
They say “you can do it!,” and I’m trying to
But it’s so many freaking miles, why aren’t I done?
All I have is the theme parks
Just me and Mickey
Why did I ever register?!?!

Do you want to run a marathon?

So Much For Learning My Lesson…

16 Dec

You may recall, last week my attempt at a 19 miler, well, SUCKED.  It seemed I did everything wrong and it showed at my failed performance.

So, after much discussion, and advice from you my fabulous friends, I decided to attempt to 18 miles this past weekend.  This time it will go better.  This time I will finish it.  THIS TIME I WILL FIX THE MISTAKES I MADE LAST WEEK!  …yeah, that was a lie.

On Saturday I had a CrossFit competition.  Doing this the day before attempting 18 miles may seem like a mistake, but I’m doing Goofy.  I just saw the competition almost as my half training run the day before.  Plus I didn’t do all the much during my competition (which will be explained in a later post) so it wasn’t that big of a deal.  However, I also had a Christmas party that night.  A Christmas party where I only ate a small SMALL bowl of chili for dinner, and perhaps had more Oktoberfests and Bailey’s Balls than I should have (OMG those things were SO AMAZING!).  This would also make it my 3rd late night out in a row.

I was meeting my dad at 8:15 in the morning.  He was going to cover 6-7 miles with me and I was thankful for the company.  Which is why I was up and out at 8:15 despite my late nights…I couldn’t talk my dad into a 9am start.  I was lucky I got him out later than 7am.

Since I was at the competition all day on Saturday, I asked Doug if he could grab me a bagel for me to have in the morning.  Apparently, my wonderful husband forgot to get me said bagel…which I wasn’t aware of until 8am when I asked him if he would put peanut butter on it for me.  So, strike 2, no bagel with peanut butter which is my usual pre-long run breakfast (yes he felt horrible about it).  I had to scarf down a Luna protein bar because that’s all I had and I was off.

Strike 3 was my rushing around.  I didn’t prepare everything I would need for my run the night before and the morning I was scrounging around frantically to get everything together.  I was already dooming myself for this run.  I was begging Doug to run some of it with me after my dad left, to which his response was “but it’s cold outside.”  I don’t blame him.  He really is wonderful.  I just wish he would have said yes.

Because of my late start, I didn’t hydrate enough before I started my run.  I drink a LOT of liquids when I run.  I mean A LOT.  I sweat like nobody’s business no matter what the temperature, so I need to replenish.  When I ran out I only had my 1 bottle of water and half a bottle in my car.  All the fuel I had was that bar and a bag of gummi bears (which half of emptied on the course…I would run by my poor spilled gummi bears multiple times).

So, I was not off to a great start.  I met up with my dad.  I was going to do 4:1 intervals (which is my plan for race day), my dad was going to straight run, but his pace was such that I could catch up with him and still run the majority of the run interval with him.  My intervals were a bit of a mess mile 3-4.  Because of my limited water, I was trying to conserve my sips.  We had a steep uphill and my walk interval fell on the way back down it.  Wanting to take advantage of the downhill, I decided to skip the walk and keep running.  As a result I got a HORRIBLE cramp in my side.  It was bad.  At the bottom of the hill, I took an early, or late, walk break.  I took longer than a minute.  I couldn’t stand up right it was that bad. I drank more of my water than I wanted to and struggled to catch back up to my dad.

By around mile 4 my dad would take his short walk break and told me to go on without him and he’ll catch up.  Still suffering the effects of my cramp, I opted to walk with him as well.

At some point my cramp went away and my intervals got back on track.  The time running with my dad definitely passed fast and before I knew it, his shift was over.  I walked with him for a little bit and ate some gummi bears.  Yeah, waiting until mile 6-7 to start consuming some energy (also not that wise).

My dad had covered almost 7 miles with me.  This left “only” 11 for me to do on my own.  I can TOTALLY do 11 on my own.  I mean, that’s less than a half marathon!  I got this!

Spoiler alert: I don’t got this.

My water was all done at this point so I stopped off at my car to get what little I had left.  There was no way I was surviving double digits on this, but I would try.

It was colder and dismal outside.  And for whatever reason, it was getting colder.  When the wind started blowing it was downright unbearable.  I felt like my legs were hardly moving.  I ate some more gummi bears, but it wasn’t enough.  With about 5 miles left I called Doug to plead with him to bring me some more water.  He did, but, well, that conversation kinda left me feeling like crap.

“Only” 5 miles to go and I was feeling like a failure.  I mean, I basically did a half marathon.  I never struggled this much with a half.  On my own, I was convinced my running was slower than my walking.  Doug showed up with my water, but I ended up feeling worse after that.

I struggled…and mostly walked…another 1.5 miles and then just decided I couldn’t be outside any more.  I was freezing.  My legs were numb.  My face was numb.  I had gone through an entire packet of tissues and still couldn’t breath.  I was a mess.

My the time I got to my car, I had only done 16.6 miles.  I still had about 1.5 to go.

I got in the car, got home, immediately walked by Doug and hopped on my treadmill.  He was telling me I had done enough.  I’m pretty sure that I yelled at him and said “No!  I have to do 18 dammit!  That’s the whole point!  I know I can do 16, I need to do 18!”  (yes, I apologized to him later, but he understood I was physically and emotionally drained at that point and didn’t take it personally…)

After sitting in a car, even for only 5-10 minutes, getting moving again was tough.  But DAMMIT I WAS DOING 18 MILES IF IT KILLED ME!  I just wanted to get it done.  I switched to 1:1 intervals.  And then…finally…I was done.

It took WAY longer than I wanted, had WAY more emotional breakdowns during it that I would like, walked WAY more of it than I wanted to, and pretty much didn’t do ANYTHING right with this run in terms of fueling, liquids and sleep, but I did it.  My legs got in 18 miles.  It was ugly.  It was slow (even for me).  It sucked.  And I pretty much have ZERO confidence in finishing a full marathon at this point.

BUT Doug made a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for me when I was done and it was the most delicious thing EVER.  No seriously, he makes them pretty good to begin with, but this one was beyond exceptionally yummy.

My attempt at 20 may kill me.  Here’s hoping the bad dress rehearsals equal phenomenal race day performances!

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