So Much For Learning My Lesson…

16 Dec

You may recall, last week my attempt at a 19 miler, well, SUCKED.  It seemed I did everything wrong and it showed at my failed performance.

So, after much discussion, and advice from you my fabulous friends, I decided to attempt to 18 miles this past weekend.  This time it will go better.  This time I will finish it.  THIS TIME I WILL FIX THE MISTAKES I MADE LAST WEEK!  …yeah, that was a lie.

On Saturday I had a CrossFit competition.  Doing this the day before attempting 18 miles may seem like a mistake, but I’m doing Goofy.  I just saw the competition almost as my half training run the day before.  Plus I didn’t do all the much during my competition (which will be explained in a later post) so it wasn’t that big of a deal.  However, I also had a Christmas party that night.  A Christmas party where I only ate a small SMALL bowl of chili for dinner, and perhaps had more Oktoberfests and Bailey’s Balls than I should have (OMG those things were SO AMAZING!).  This would also make it my 3rd late night out in a row.

I was meeting my dad at 8:15 in the morning.  He was going to cover 6-7 miles with me and I was thankful for the company.  Which is why I was up and out at 8:15 despite my late nights…I couldn’t talk my dad into a 9am start.  I was lucky I got him out later than 7am.

Since I was at the competition all day on Saturday, I asked Doug if he could grab me a bagel for me to have in the morning.  Apparently, my wonderful husband forgot to get me said bagel…which I wasn’t aware of until 8am when I asked him if he would put peanut butter on it for me.  So, strike 2, no bagel with peanut butter which is my usual pre-long run breakfast (yes he felt horrible about it).  I had to scarf down a Luna protein bar because that’s all I had and I was off.

Strike 3 was my rushing around.  I didn’t prepare everything I would need for my run the night before and the morning I was scrounging around frantically to get everything together.  I was already dooming myself for this run.  I was begging Doug to run some of it with me after my dad left, to which his response was “but it’s cold outside.”  I don’t blame him.  He really is wonderful.  I just wish he would have said yes.

Because of my late start, I didn’t hydrate enough before I started my run.  I drink a LOT of liquids when I run.  I mean A LOT.  I sweat like nobody’s business no matter what the temperature, so I need to replenish.  When I ran out I only had my 1 bottle of water and half a bottle in my car.  All the fuel I had was that bar and a bag of gummi bears (which half of emptied on the course…I would run by my poor spilled gummi bears multiple times).

So, I was not off to a great start.  I met up with my dad.  I was going to do 4:1 intervals (which is my plan for race day), my dad was going to straight run, but his pace was such that I could catch up with him and still run the majority of the run interval with him.  My intervals were a bit of a mess mile 3-4.  Because of my limited water, I was trying to conserve my sips.  We had a steep uphill and my walk interval fell on the way back down it.  Wanting to take advantage of the downhill, I decided to skip the walk and keep running.  As a result I got a HORRIBLE cramp in my side.  It was bad.  At the bottom of the hill, I took an early, or late, walk break.  I took longer than a minute.  I couldn’t stand up right it was that bad. I drank more of my water than I wanted to and struggled to catch back up to my dad.

By around mile 4 my dad would take his short walk break and told me to go on without him and he’ll catch up.  Still suffering the effects of my cramp, I opted to walk with him as well.

At some point my cramp went away and my intervals got back on track.  The time running with my dad definitely passed fast and before I knew it, his shift was over.  I walked with him for a little bit and ate some gummi bears.  Yeah, waiting until mile 6-7 to start consuming some energy (also not that wise).

My dad had covered almost 7 miles with me.  This left “only” 11 for me to do on my own.  I can TOTALLY do 11 on my own.  I mean, that’s less than a half marathon!  I got this!

Spoiler alert: I don’t got this.

My water was all done at this point so I stopped off at my car to get what little I had left.  There was no way I was surviving double digits on this, but I would try.

It was colder and dismal outside.  And for whatever reason, it was getting colder.  When the wind started blowing it was downright unbearable.  I felt like my legs were hardly moving.  I ate some more gummi bears, but it wasn’t enough.  With about 5 miles left I called Doug to plead with him to bring me some more water.  He did, but, well, that conversation kinda left me feeling like crap.

“Only” 5 miles to go and I was feeling like a failure.  I mean, I basically did a half marathon.  I never struggled this much with a half.  On my own, I was convinced my running was slower than my walking.  Doug showed up with my water, but I ended up feeling worse after that.

I struggled…and mostly walked…another 1.5 miles and then just decided I couldn’t be outside any more.  I was freezing.  My legs were numb.  My face was numb.  I had gone through an entire packet of tissues and still couldn’t breath.  I was a mess.

My the time I got to my car, I had only done 16.6 miles.  I still had about 1.5 to go.

I got in the car, got home, immediately walked by Doug and hopped on my treadmill.  He was telling me I had done enough.  I’m pretty sure that I yelled at him and said “No!  I have to do 18 dammit!  That’s the whole point!  I know I can do 16, I need to do 18!”  (yes, I apologized to him later, but he understood I was physically and emotionally drained at that point and didn’t take it personally…)

After sitting in a car, even for only 5-10 minutes, getting moving again was tough.  But DAMMIT I WAS DOING 18 MILES IF IT KILLED ME!  I just wanted to get it done.  I switched to 1:1 intervals.  And then…finally…I was done.

It took WAY longer than I wanted, had WAY more emotional breakdowns during it that I would like, walked WAY more of it than I wanted to, and pretty much didn’t do ANYTHING right with this run in terms of fueling, liquids and sleep, but I did it.  My legs got in 18 miles.  It was ugly.  It was slow (even for me).  It sucked.  And I pretty much have ZERO confidence in finishing a full marathon at this point.

BUT Doug made a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for me when I was done and it was the most delicious thing EVER.  No seriously, he makes them pretty good to begin with, but this one was beyond exceptionally yummy.

My attempt at 20 may kill me.  Here’s hoping the bad dress rehearsals equal phenomenal race day performances!

Friday Four…With A Mustache!

12 Dec

Yes I know it’s “Friday Five” not four, but I’m changing it up!  Deal with it!

So, you’ve probably been seeing this guy around…mustache

…well you’re seeing him again!  The lovely Danielle has tagged me and who am I to say no?

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:
1. Eebs
2. Ebe
3. Kell(s)
4. George (only Doug calls me, long story)


Four jobs I have had:
1. Aide at a Day Care Center
2. Sales Associate for Cingular/AT&T
3. Office Assistant (actually no idea what my title was by I was 14 and it was a job!)
4. Paralegal

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
1. The Princess Bride
2. The Avengers
3. Frozen
4. The Sting (I’m a Paul Newman kinda gal, what can I say?)

Four books I’d recommend: 
1. The Long Run by Matt Long
2. Matilda by Roald Dahl (yes, it’s a “children’s” book, but I don’t care, I love it!)
3. Kiss of a Spider Woman by Manuel Puig (had to read it in college and couldn’t stop reading ahead of the assignment!)
4. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (also more for “younger” readers but everyone has felt that way)

Four places I have lived:
1. Whitestone, NY (Queens)
2. Hempstead, NY (College)
3. Madrid, Spain (ok, it was only for the summer, but otherwise, I haven’t lived 4 places, plus I still consider it home!)
4. Flushing, NY (Queens)

Four places I have been:
1. Spain (different trip than the aforementioned study abroad)
2. Greece
3. England
4. Caribbean (lots of cruises)

Four things I don’t eat:
1. Seafood (except calamari, but it has to be GOOD calamari)
2. Peas (blech, ugh, blech!)
3. Broccoli
4. Mustard (I’ll eat honey mustard, but it has to be more on the honey side than the mustard side)

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Pizza
2. Steak
3. BACON (duh!)
4. Saganaki (fried Greek cheese…YUM!)


Four TV shows that I watch: 
1. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
2. Modern Family
3. Cutthroat Kitchen
4. Castle (I love me some Nathan Fillion)
Honorable Mention to Sherlock because with 3 episodes a season I wasn’t sure if it counted as a TV show or miniseries

I’m also doing shows that are no longer on the air, because, well, THEY’RE AWESOME AND I STILL WATCH THEM!

1. Psych
2. House
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. The West Wing

Four things I am looking forward to this year:

1. Finishing (hopefully) Goofy’s race and a half challenge!
2. The Avengers: Age of Ultron (yes, I’m serious, it comes out on my birthday and Doug promised we could see it at midnight!)
3. Running the NYC Half Marathon (an empty Times Square? YES PLEASE!)
4. Hopefully, maybe, possibly doing a pull-up and/or any other improvements in CrossFit

Four things I’m always saying:
1. I’m dying…
2. I hate people…
3. You’re killing me smalls!
4. Dammit! (and perhaps some other profanities)

Four people I’m tagging:
1. Karla from Run Karla Run
2. Emily from Travel with Emily
3. Katherine from Food Fitness Fantasy
4. Jenn from The Fairest Run of All

TCS NYC MARATHON – My First Time Spectating

11 Dec

Yes I know it’s Thursday and therefore should be a TBT post, but instead of throwing back to something gone from Disney (I swear, I’ll get back to those), I’m throwing back to November 2, 2014, my first time spectating a race, the TCS NYC Marathon.

*Warning* Pictures are limited as I was holding a sign, a balloon and also did some running so my camera availability was not so much.

Many of you amazing blogger folks were running the marathon this year and so I figured, this would be the year to go and check it out.  I also had 2 missions while spectating:  get Danielle her pretzels & OJ and keep Nicole company through Queens.

For easy spotting, I got a HUGE balloon so that these ladies could see me.


Can I just say, prepping for spectating was more difficult than prepping for racing?  I had to dress warm because I was standing there for a long time in the freezing wind (yes, runners, I know you guys had it WAY worse!  Which is why you are rock stars!), but still had to be in layers easy enough to run a couple of miles in.

Then there was the sign.  I HAD to have a sign.  I struggled with this sign.  I had no idea what to write, how to make it look and OH THE PRESSURE!  I ended up going with something that I loved and I knew anyone who’s ever run Disney would like…so about 92% of the people racing who saw my sign didn’t care.


Let’s do this!

I knew that Danielle and Nicole’s corral wasn’t starting until 10:30 so I aimed to leave my apartment by then.  Got on the train and got off at Queensboro Plaza just in time to see the wheelchair racers whiz by.  I could’ve taken the subway a couple of extra stops but decided to walk the mile along the route to find the best possible spot.  I tried to get as close to the Queens/Brooklyn border as possible, while trying to stay in the sun (oooo warmth), an open space so I was easy to spot and where there was no rope or barricade so I could easily jump in for Nicole (yes, I ran part of this course, but no, I did not take any water from any of the stops or another other entitlements that belong to a registered runner…except for cheers.  I got cheers, but on that later).

Constantly checking my tracker to see where my girls were so as to not miss them.  I was a little passed the 13.1 mark so I knew to keep my eyes open as soon as the crossed the halfway point.

In the meantime, I was doing my best to be all that a spectator could be!  I was yelling, I was cheering!  If I saw someone with a name on their bib or shirt, I would yell it.  If I saw a sparkle skirt or costume, I would call them out too!  Seriously, there were full on costumes.  I saw a couple of sesame street characters and even a giant Dunkin Donuts cup!  I was getting swept up in the excitement of the race and a part of me wished I was running it.  I got over that.

I could see some of the runners read my sign and then just kinda make a face like “huh?” or “whatever” but then I had a few who TOTALLY got it!  Some of the runners gave me a high five for it! (Holding a sign and trying to keep Mike Wazowski from whacking people in the face with the wind was a 3 hand job and I only had 2, so I couldn’t high five as much as I liked) .  One of the runners even yelled “I’m going there Tuesday!”  Yeah, he was probably doing W&D too because that’s how you roll.  Run a marathon, go to Disney the following week for a half.  Hardcore.

Sidenote:  Can I just say, I know that running a marathon is BRUTAL and that they had all already run 13 miles by the time they got to me, so they were tired and focused, but the Disney runners I came across WAY happier and excited than the other runners.  Just sayin…but more on that later.

Checking my phone as often as I could (while being scared that while I did it I would miss Danielle or Nicole) I finally got the update that Danielle crossed the halfway point.  I was keeping my eyes open.  And lucky for me, she spotted me first because her running with her arms up when she saw me (which was so awesome) is what let me spot her!


Yes, she was actually happy to see me…after all, I HAD PRETZELS! lol *photo courtesy of Daniel Wanderman (I think) via Danielle

It was a quick hi and hug and give her fuel.  She was on a mission (in case you missed her recap, she ended up PRing that race!  Woo!) and had no time to waste!  Go Danielle!

Seeing someone I actually know running in a race was pretty awesome.  It made me even more excited to spectate the 5K and 10K in January for my parents…assuming the bus gets me there in time *fingers crossed*.

Looking at my tracker, saw where Nicole’s last time update was…and then busted my ass to shift my layers to running attire.  Took off my hoodie and draped it over my shoulders to cover my back pack (didn’t want to get in trouble or cause hysteria for running on the course with a bag) made sure to put Nicole’s bagel in my pocket for easy access and then just continued screaming and cheering and dancing (had to dance to keep warm).

Got the update that Nicole had crossed the halfway point and I was on the lookout again.  Unfortunately Nicole was on the OPPOSITE side of the course and also didn’t spot me.  Fortunately, she let us know what she was wearing a head of time and her colored polka dot skirt made her spotable for me.  I then jumped on the course, dipped, dodged, dove and dodged some more through the runners (sorry runners!) and caught up with her.

Yes, I was still holding my sign and Mike Wazowski.  No, I was not letting Mike whack anyone on course.  I was holding him with everything I had and keeping him close to me!

From this point on, I no longer had the perspective of the spectator, I had the perspective as a runner and can I just tell you, I have NO desire to EVER run this thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I was proud of my borough for their support.  They were loud and cheering and screaming.  I heard Ishmael calls for Nicole and Mike Wazowski calls for me (yes, this made me feel guilty because I hadn’t busted my ass for the past 13 miles but I couldn’t correct EVERYONE).

I would just like to insert a gripe here about the course.  I’m not saying the Queens is particularly scenic or anything, but you’re telling me that you cannot give the largest borough (size wise) more the 1.5 miles of this race?  Seriously?  Just saying.

Anyway, because the run through Queens is so short, I decided…was forced…to run over the Queensboro Bridge with Nicole.  Have I ever expressed my terrifying fear of bridges?  No?  Well I AM SCARE OF BRIDGES AND DAMN THAT BRIDGE IS LONG!

Can I just say, running that bridge is HARD.  I mean REALLY hard.  I mean I was running on fresh legs that had only done 1+ miles and could barely handle it.  NO idea how everyone had just run 14-15 miles and was getting over that thing.

So of course we had to turn “Let it Go” into “I Hate Bridges” and there may have also been a revision of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” into “Do You Want to Run a Marathon”.  Yeah, we bring the party wherever we run.  While we were partying, I spotted Jenn run by us in her Statute of Liberty outfit.  I tried to call her name, but she was too in the zone to hear me.  Back to singing we went.

By the way, although running down the bridge was was more enjoyable that running up it…I am not running that sucker again.  Nope.  Not happening.  That was a new kind of hell.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun hell singing with Nicole (because she is an awesome running buddy), but I would rather have fun singing and running NOT on that bridge.

Here’s where I have another complaint as a runner or whatever.  The course, to me, felt crowded.  On the bridge, it was almost claustrophobic.  I also understand that my running pace was not the same as the runners surrounding me.  However, I was not wearing earphones which means I could hear everything.  And you know what I couldn’t hear?  The words “excuse me.”  I understand you’re just trying to survive this thing and make it through and maybe you’re trying for a PR, but pushing me out of the way is not cool.  And I mean pushing.  I’m a commuter in NYC, I know what deliberate pushing out of the way is and those runners were doing it.  Kinda made me question why anyone would want to run this thing.

Sadly we were getting off the bridge…ok, it wasn’t sad we were getting off the bridge, but the turn onto 1st Avenue is where I would leave Nicole.  I felt bad leaving her, but I was slowing her down anyway.

Once I was back to spectating, I didn’t get to see anyone else I knew running, although I knew several more people who were doing it.

Takeaways from this race:

-As a spectator, prep for it almost like your running it!  Wear comfortable shoes, bring fuel (food, water), prepare for the weather (chapstick, tissues) and wear layers!  Not moving, it could get cold, but when the wind stopped, it was actually comfortable.

-If you’re spectating, CHEER FOR ALL THE RUNNERS.  No, all of them may not hear it or care, but it makes a HUGE impact on the ones who do.  Be proud of that complete stranger!  They deserve it!

- It is a long day.

- I would spectate this race again, even if I didn’t know anyone in it.  As amazing as it was getting to see someone I knew run, it was still pretty awesome watching all these other runners go by.  It’s a community thing.  It made you feel part of NY.

- Not running this.  Not doing the 9+1, not putting  my name in the lottery.  Not doing it.  BUT, if anyone wants (slow) company to run through Queens with, I’ll gladly jump in! :)

Hmmmm, after writing this whole thing, I don’t think I really recapped anything…or really said anything.  Oh well…at least you got to see Mike Wazowski!

Well That Sucked…But People Are Awesome!

8 Dec

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you an update on Goofy training, or rather, my epic fail with Goofy training.

On the calendar this weekend was 19 miles.  NINETEEN MILES!  Who the hell runs 19 miles?!?!  I know I don’t.

I was pretty panicked about this run.  Not only was this run the longest ever for me to date, but my training has not been going great.  Yes, my 16 miler went ok, but I never did my 18 miler because I was stupid and raced the Chanukah Chalf instead of using it as a training run.  (Don’t worry, the recap is coming).  I needed this 19 miler to feel like I might actually stand a chance at surviving this sucker.

Sunday was a day where I did everything wrong.  I wasn’t feeling so hot on Saturday and Sunday was still feeling some after effects.  I got a later start than I wanted to which would screw me over in multiple ways.

Spoiler alert: 19 miles did not happen.  I was left feeling frustrated, annoyed, disappointed and of course panicked.  BUT, I’m instead trying (trying being the key word) to focus on some important takeaways.

Lessons Learned

- Even though you have a husband who NEVER cooks for you offering to make you breakfast, you should say no to that bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.  Yes you can pretend it’s good for you with the carbs and “protein” but you know it’s not.  You need to eat well before a long run like that.

- You need to eat before a long run.  If you are not starting your incredibly long ass run until lunch time, you need to make sure you eat lunch first!  As someone who typically eats food every 2-3 hours, starting a 19 mile run having not eaten anything since breakfast 3.5 hours before you start is NOT wise.  Yes, you ate that banana, but you are ALWAYS HUNGRY AND SKIPPING LUNCH IS NOT GOOD!

- No matter how late of a start you get, you cannot do all your miles on the treadmill.  Yes, yelling at the Giants game for a couple hours helped distract you for a bit.  But that game will only take you so far.  You cannot stay on that treadmill for 4 hours.  And because you are on that treadmill, it is so easy to mentally break and get off that thing.  I know you have hours worth of stuff to watch on the DVR but but after you’ve been running there for 3 hours, watching that stuff from your couch is so much easier.

- Your body sometimes hates you.  If you feel sick the day before, don’t assume that you’re body is miraculously 100% better the next day.  You need to slow down even more to compensate that you are not at 100%.  If you’re legs feel like dead weight, there’s a reason for it.   Accept it.

-No matter how short you think you cut your toenails you cut those suckers shorter!  That’s right, that stabbing pain in your toe?  That’s because you missed a spot.  Take care of that shit!  No more bloody feet for you!

- Test running (at least part of) your costume is a good idea.  Shirt seems to work ok.  But then again, can you really be sure because you didn’t get all the miles in?  Oh well, some testing is better than no testing!

- And most importantly YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING RUNNING BUDDY FRIENDS EVER!  Yes, your run sucked, and yes you didn’t finish, but you have some incredible people supporting you, motivating you and most importantly believing in you!  Shake off this run and know that you can prove them right on race day!

I just want to say that there are NO words to properly express how truly thankful and appreciative I am for Danielle, Nicole, Lisa, Kim, Rae and even Katherine was there for some shout out love!



These ladies crossed multiple forms of social media to offer support and encouragement and I honestly would not have gone as far as I did without out them.





Danielle even made it her mission to text me down from the frustration ledge when I couldn’t finish.  You rock!



I hope you ladies don’t mind I posted your words of wisdom and encouragement…they were just so helpful to me and I wanted to share in case anyone else needed them!

Now, as I try and shake off this disaster and focus on the positive, do I try 19 again this weekend or do I stick with the plan and do “low” mileage?  Decisions, decisions.

NYRR Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5 Miler

5 Dec

This race was a last minute sign up.  And I registered for 1 reason and 1 reason only.  My friend Morgan asked me if I would run it and we could wear our matching comic book team sparkle skirts.  I figured it was as valid reason as any and if was a “low” mileage day in my training program, so why not.

Now the last and only time I’ve done a 5 miler race was in August.  That was an automatic PR (and definitely fun too because Nicole is awesome).  Well, this race was a VERY different experience, both in finish time and fun time.

The course was less than 1 loop around Central Park.  Because of the “less” than aspect, the big mama jama HILL OF DOOM was not part of the course.  But, it is still Central Park, so they are still hills, just not as  “of doom”ish as usual.

Weather was somewhat cool and sunny and kinda perfect (unlike the hot humid 5 miler in August).  Usually when I run with someone, the pacing just kinda works out.  This was a pacing nightmare.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I need to walk water stops.  Me + drinking water while running = zero water getting in my mouth.  Morgan, was not going to walk any part of this.  That’s fine.  But, we were running “together” so I thought some sort of compromise would be made.  Thought is the key word, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We get to our corrals.  Big surprise, NYRR has me in the last corral.  Seriously NYRR, I actually pass people, I am not the slowest runner in NY!  Typically my slowest mile is always my first because I need to warm up a little.  Right out the gate, we started WAY faster than I would have liked/wanted to and it went all downhill (unfortunately not literally) from there.

I was basically just trying to keep up with Morgan the entire time.  There was no conversing (or singing) there was no “fun” to be had.  Morgan was focused and I was just focused on trying to not lose her.


See? Focus! No smiling allowed this race! *photo by MarathonFoto

There really isn’t much to recap.  Every mile was the same pattern…feel like dying, want to walk, hold out till the water stop, chug water, then try and sprint to catch back up with Morgan who did not slow down at all for me while I got water…which is totally fine…even though I was dying and she never once looked back to see where I was.

A bunch of times there were moments where I felt like my legs were physically incapable of moving any faster and there were some moments where my legs were like “we got this.”  Most of the moments though involved me wishing I had really eaten breakfast.

Towards the end I noticed our pace was actually pretty freaking good (well, for slowpokes like me) and then I got a time goal in my head.  I wanted to finish under a certain time.  With about .2 miles left to go “Let It Go” started playing.  It was sign!  You can do this!  You got this!  I busted out with everything I had left!


Who knew a human being could get that red? *photo by MarathonFoto



…unfortunately everything I had left was 14 seconds too late.  BUT it was still a 7 minute PR.  No where close to my PR in fun though.  Not even remotely close.  I was miserable pretty much this entire race.  And despite my ability to get my arms overhead for the finish, I felt like I was going to vomit after this run.  Note to self: “only” 5 miles still needs fueling.  Also, do no immediately go to CrossFit and attempt Fran.

It was definitely fun being part of the NYC Marathon excitement and the weather worked out perfectly, but I think next year I will pass on this race and give the Dash to the Finish Line 5K a shot instead.


TBT: 80s Edition…Kinda

4 Dec

OK, so this isn’t my Gone But Not Forgotten Disney version of TBT, but this video made me too happy and well, I’m a big dork so I had to share it with all of you.

One of my CrossFit coaches loved to play “Shake It Off” in class, complete with him shaking his butt in the process (this sight makes a very fun class, but very difficult to lift heavy things).

Anyway, it was discovered that “Shake It Off” works perfectly with this video of a 1988 aerobic competition (btw, said coach was not even alive in 1988…sigh).  And with that, I bring you 80s awesomeness combined with Taylor Swift.  Sit back, enjoy and smile…

Yes Virginia, There is a Blog Still Here…

2 Dec

I know I’ve been MIA.  I haven’t really been reading/commenting much and my posting has been non-existent.

I had vowed a while back to go back to my weekly recaps and TBT posts and, well, clearly, I apparently lied.  I’m sorry.  I suck.

My disappearance isn’t really related to anything.  Just the same ol’ same ol’ work is crazy, I’m exhausted all the time, and now we have the chaos of the holidays.  Perhaps it’s slightly related to the disappointment in myself.  My training isn’t going accordingly to plan, which has me pretty worried about Goofy and with the exception of baking for Thanksgiving, my cooking (and return to mostly Paleo eating) is practically non-existent.

The funny thing is this blog was started to help keep me accountable.  So not posting things because I’m embarrassed, ashamed or disappointed in myself kinda defeats the point.  I need to snap out of this funk and I need to do it SOON.

I still need to do recaps on the NYRR Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5 Miler, spectating the TCS NYC Marathon (spoiler alert, I will NOT be attempting this race), Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon (spoiler alert, it was WET) and the NYCRuns Running of the Lights Half Marathon (aka the Hanukkah Half).  I guess I still should recap the Disney Fitness Challenge…and I will have another CrossFit competition coming up.

There’s also a post regarding rejoining the accountability mission and getting back on track with my weight and eating.  I want to do a post tying into #WeAreThankful (although I think I am technically too late for this).

It’s weird having so much I want to say but not being able or having the desire to say it.

I apologize readers (all 5 of you) for neglecting you.  I’m hoping to snap out of my funk soon.

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The excuse I used to go to Disney...and change my life!

The excuse I used to go to Disney...and change my life!


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