What to Wear?!?!

25 Jul

I have 2 more days until I can start doing Fast Pass + for my trip in September and I have to wait until the end of the month to know where I’m staying for the Princess Half Weekend, so I can’t plan that yet.  Which means I have nothing left to plan (or book) for my upcoming trips except the very important COSTUMES!

I have ALL of my costumes for my upcoming Disney races figured out! …except the Enchanted 10K of the Glass Slipper Challenge.  

I admit that my costumes in the past have been very “low” maintenance, but with the upcoming ideas, I am ready to take it up a notch!


I’ve been Minnie,

Honeymoon 848

a Disney bride (ok, not really a costume),

Honeymoon 904

Cinderella (only full costume shot I have),


the Chesire Cat,


Ariel (with Doug and Prince Eric), and



I didn’t really dress up as anything my first Disney race, but that’s besides the point.  

ANYWAY! I’m drawing a blank for the 10K.  I have 2 qualifications: look (at least remotely) like what I’m dressed up as and running comfort.  Some of the costumes I have seen for these races, while AMAZING, I can’t help but think, how the hell are you running in that?!?!

Although this is for the Princess Half Weekend, I’m actually kind of Princessed out, so I’m trying to think of costumes that are different than that theme.  I know I have 7 months until the race, but have I mentioned my OCD when it comes to vacation planning?  No?  Well, I’m OCD when it comes to vacation planning.

So, any ideas?

TBT: Gone But Not Forgotten (RunDisney Edition)

24 Jul

OK, so this weeks Disney throw back is kind of a cheat, but I need to buy some more time while I do more Disney research (Including invading my mom’s photo albums).

So let’s go back, waaaaaaaaay back to 2012.  That was the year I participated in my first RunDisney race.  Ok, first race period.  And you know what I’m nostalgic about?  Not the race itself but the registration!


Ahhh, when I was such a newbie…and a monster was born!

Remember the days when you didn’t have to sit in front of you computer the INSTANT a race registration opened in order to get in?  Yeah, I miss those days and they changed pretty quickly too!

In 2012, my dad did not register for the Wine & Dine half marathon until (I think) 3 months after registration opened.  This year, if you waited 3 hours you were out of luck!


This would never have happened if registration in 2012 was like what it is now…

There is no doubt that these races have grown in popularity (and pricing).  And as a result, some of the luxuries that was once held are now gone leading people (ok me) to impulsive register immediately because by the time I’ve thought it out, the race has been sold out.

I only got to enjoy 1 (maybe 1.5) years of stress free RunDisney registration.  I was late to the game and as a result the perks of the original runners was lost to me.

I remember planning to do the Dumbo Double Dare!  It was perfect timing to do it on the way back from Hawaii on our honeymoon.  I mean, I even convinced my husband to let me run 19.3 miles on our honeymoon (and he did the 10K).  I was all set to register the day it opened.  I had an appointment at noon, but I figured by the time I got out, I would still be able to register.  Nope.  I was back in front of my computer less than an hour after registration and it was all sold out.  (I ended up registering with an amazing charity, AT Children’s Project!)

Honeymoon 868

First experience with the insane registration

The Dumbo taught me that lesson the hard way…I would now sit in front of my computer (or deliberately be somewhere else to avoid temptation) when RunDisney registrations open.

Another late to the game perk lost?  Using my DVC points for the race weekends.  For the W&D I attempted to book a DVC resort the INSTANT you could book a non-home resort, and there was NOTHING available (later Sarasota Springs would open up, but I had already booked Pop Century).  For the WDW marathon weekend, I wasn’t taking any chances, I booked my home resort the instant I was 11 months out, and when I looked to possibly switch to a non-home resort, again, all booked (although I am wait listed for resorts I most likely will not get).  Even now, booking trying to book for the Princess…oy!  Last year, I didn’t book the Boardwalk until the end of August (literally the day I officially became DVC…I was still on my honeymoon!) and this year?  Fughedabouit.  This isn’t to say the Boardwalk won’t open up (and there is availability in the AKL and Sarasota Springs) but again, booked!  I was able to get things one year and not the next.

I realize there is no way to fix these problems really.  If you increase the size of the races so registration doesn’t get filled as fast, you end up with race courses that are even more ridiculously packed (and the hotel booking definitely doesn’t get any easier).

Alright, today’s TBT was really kinda a bitch fest, but admit it, you too miss the days when you could register for RunDisney races hours, days, weeks, even months after registration opened AND get the hotel you want for said race.

Week In Training (and Not so Good with the Cooking) 7/14-7/20/14

21 Jul

This week was not great.  Other than the runs I did in CrossFit, I didn’t run at all.  Also my cooking was not so great.   Either Doug, I, or both of us weren’t going to be home the majority of the time this week so cooking dinner kinda went kaput!  I did make one thing, a white chicken chilli (Paleo friendly) that didn’t come out quite right.  More soup than chili.  

As a result of not really cooking, I would say I was Paleo more like 60-70% of the time this week.  Not great, but planning on stepping it up this week!

And now for the workouts!

Monday  – CrossFit
Warm-up: 800m Run/ 40 Shoulder Touches/ :30 blue band tricep stretch
Skill: 2 Push-Jerks every 2 min for 8 min – 85#, 90#, 95#, 95#
WOD: 12 min AMRAP
20 Air Squats
15 Hollow Rocks
10 Push-Ups
Total: 4 + 41 (it really annoyed me I couldn’t get those last 4 PUs in, but I am so weak at them)

Tuesday  – CrossFit
Warm-up: 3 Rounds of Bear Crawls (back & forth, 2x), 4 Wall Climbs, 8 OHS w/ PVC
Skill: 2 Hang Squat Snatches every 1:30, 10 sets – 45# & 50#
WOD: 4 Rounds (18 min time cap)
15 Wall Balls – 14#
30 Double Unders
400m Run
Total: 2 + 21 (this WOD sucked!  I JUST learned DUs and so they take me forever!  I have to do a single, double, stop and reset for every double under.  I just couldn’t do them fast enough.  I also cannot run fast enough – especially at lunch time here – to make up any time on the run)

Oh yeah I also did this:





Wednesday  – Rest Day

Thursday  – CrossFit
Warm-up: 500m Row / 100m Walking Lunges
Skill 1: 2 Front Squats on the minute for 10 minutes
90#, 95#, 100#, 100#, 105#, 110#, 115#, 120#, 125#, 140# (failed the 2nd rep)
Skill 2: 10 Minutes
Even: 15 Thruster (45/35)
Odd: 10 Over the Bar Burpees
So, I love how my coaches have total confidence in my strength, but sometimes, I think they are trying to kill me.  My previous 1 rep max of a Front Squat was 110#.  So, when I did, 115, 120, 125 I was already hitting new PRs.  Then my coach told me to take off all the weights after my 9th rep and brought out the big boys, the 45# weights.  And he told me to throw on the 2.5# weights too, giving a grand total of 140#.  And I did it.  Well, I did the first rep.  I couldn’t do the 2nd rep and he was so bummed.  I got a “YOU HAD THAT!”  He told me I was just leaning too far forward.  That they get so invested in our achievements and our “failures” as if they were doing it themselves.

ANYWAY…he seemed to recover from his disappointment in my front squat in time to sing “Let It Go” at the karaoke night we had at my CrossFit box because my CrossFit box is freaking awesome.

Friday  – CrossFit
WOD: 7 Rounds, 30 minute cap
15 Cleans (95/65) 65#
15 Box Jumps (24/18) 18′
15 KB Swings (24/16) 16 kg
Total: 5 + 30
I did this workout RX, BUT did not finish in the time cap, so it “didn’t count.”  In my defense, I don’t know how some of us (after drinking many beers at karaoke the night before) were even able to show up to CrossFit, let alone actually do anything, so I’ll take my 5+30 (hell, I’m slow even when I don’t have a belly full of beer!)  Plus, after the squats before my legs were like this…



Saturday  – Rest Day.  Walking was still difficult.  

Sunday  – Rest Day.  Although, we did LOTS of walking around Brooklyn while visiting our nephew.  I need to move in with them because they live right by the Verrazano and this amazing path, great for training!



Goals for the week: RUN & COOK!

Happy Friday!

18 Jul

This should also be titled why my CrossFit box is freakin awesome!

OK, I know you’re all tired of hearing me talk about CrossFit, so before you roll you’re eyes, I’m not going to talk about it!  Kinda.

Yesterday, All the classes after my 11:30 class were cancelled.  Why?  Because we were having a freaking karaoke night!  That’s right, the owners bought booze and food and basically threw us a big karaoke party which was tons of fun.

But the highlight of the evening was when one of our coaches sang…you guess it…LET IT GO!

I don’t know if you’ll be able to see the video (because it’s from a private facebook page) but give it a try here.  It will be well worth it if it works.

And if you can’t watch it, at least I have a picture!


Yes, he has back up singers/dancers

I love how everyone was singing along with it!  As an added bonus, he played Let it Go again today after our workout…I think he should have played it during the workout, but I’ll take it.

Happy Friday! :)


TBT: Gone But Not Forgotten (Brain-Eating Amoeba Edition)

17 Jul

In case you cannot tell from the title, today’s throwback will involve River Country and Discovery Island, both “attractions” which were not simply closed, but abandoned.  Which makes it extra sad and depressing.  Happy Thursday!

River Country - OK, I’m not going to lie, my memories of River Country are very limited because I had only been there once, but I’m bummed I’ll never get to give it a second chance.  Why did I only get to go there once when I went to WDW pretty much every year?  Because, my mom would never want to go back.  You know how on the water slides where you sit on a tube, you go side to side and you wonder how you don’t flip over?  Well, my mom flipped over.  Thus endeth River Country for us.  

River Country opened in 1976 and was designed to be an “old fashioned watering hole.”  It had man made boulders and sandy bottom pools and was designed to make you feel like you walked into the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  The official version of the reason for closure was the park declined in popularity, when you had Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach with more “thrilling” water rides.  Then, there’s the “brain-eating amoebas”.  River Country used water which was filtered from the lake, which was said to have contained, you guessed it, brain-eating amoebas.  Fun!  The lack of popularity is the more likely reason, but the fact that the park was just abandoned and has been since closing in 2001 (officially declared in 2005), is a little odd.  Why had Disney done nothing with the space?  

44c392a0 4632399328_091e3bc37b river_country_water_overhead2 tumblr_mjbxy7jp241s0c4z4o3_500


Discovery Island  – Speaking of creepily abandoned instead of demolished and/or replaced by something else, we have Discovery Island!  Discovery Island was the Animal Kingdom before there was the Animal Kingdom.  OK, it didn’t have lions or elephants or tigers or anything, but it did have animals!  It opened in 1974 and was were you could observe wild life.  In fact, it was the last known home of the dusky seaside sparrow, which, unfortunately, is now extinct.  The majority of the animals that were there were birds (at least from what I remember).  When the island closed, all the animals were relocated to the Animal Kingdom, which I’m pretty sure won’t be abandoned.  Again, odd that Disney had done nothing to this area except left it as it was since it closed in 1999.  There were rumors of development projects, but nothing ever came of them.  Sad.


Oh. My. God. WHAT DID I DO?!?!

15 Jul

So…the Princess Half Marathon Weekend registration opened today at noon for the “general” public.  I was able to resist last week, during the early registration, but I knew today would be hard.  The Princess is always a week spot for me, not because it’s my favorite race…it’s not.  But, it was my first race.  And it’s always hard to let go of your first.

Then the rumors began about a Frozen themed race.  Now, I may  have mention I have “tiny” little obsession with Frozen.  

Lisa was already enabling me BIG time with her “do eets.”  I was being strong though.  I was saying no.  No.  No way, no how.  Can’t do it!  I’m doing Goofy in January!  Not to mention I will be in WDW in September, November, January and now February?  I don’t think so (btw, this is why I really need to just move to Florida).

As added insurance, I made sure I had a CrossFit class when registration opens so that the Glass Slipper Challenge would be sold out by the time I got back to work and in front of a computer.

But no.  Today there has to be issues with registration so the Glass Slipper Challenge is NOT sold out when I get back to my computer.  Dammit!

That never happens!  The challenges are never not sold out by the time I get out of CrossFit!  WHAT?!?!


Did I mention crap?

Because CRAP!

And then it was like this force came over me.  I clicked register option on the RunDisney site.  I logged into my Active account.  I started filling out the information.  Suddenly my credit card was in my hand.  Then this happened…



From the instant this appeared on my screen, all I have been able to say is: WHAT DID I DO?!?!

Now I’m stuck in the very difficult position of trying to figure how I’m going to tell Doug what I did.  I have a plan in the works, but it’s dependent on someone else because, well, I’m blaming her entirely so he doesn’t kill me.

There’s a scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (my favorite of the 3) that just seems to keep replaying through my head.  Unfortunately, I am not tech savvy enough to figure out how the hell to post it here, but, it’s the part where Indy tries to rescues his dad from the Nazis.  Sean Connery had just called him “Junior” and Indy goes all “Don’t call me Junior” and shoots all the Nazis in the room.  To which Sean Connery’s reaction is: “Look what you did!  I can’t believe what you did!”

So that’s me right now, in a state of shock with Sean Connery yelling at me on replay.

Look at what I did.  I can’t believe what I did.


The Fittest on Wall Street

15 Jul

*Disclaimer:  My box is called CrossFit Wall Street.  It is not actually on Wall Street.  In fact, it is a subway stop away from Wall Street, so I’m not really sure why it’s called that, just thought I would let you know.

As I posted yesterday, I participated in my very first CrossFit Competition on Saturday.  There were 4 difference divisions: Scaled Women (only reason I registered), Scaled Men, Rx Women and Rx Men.

After the registration deadline, the workouts were announced:

21-15-9 reps
Handstand Push-Ups

Squat Clean Ladder w/ Double Unders

21-15-9 reps

For the scaled women, the deadlifts were 115# (VERY doable for me) and the HSPU were scaled down to Hand Release Push-ups (something I still suck at because a lot of body weight + long arms = suck).  Quick note, push-ups in CrossFit are not the same as normal push-ups.  In CrossFit, you have to lower your body all the way to the floor, so your chest touches the ground.  These are a LOT harder that normal push-ups, which I don’t 100% suck at.  Scaled Men were 155# and also HRPU.  The Rx women were 155# and HSPU and the Rx Men were 225# and HSPU.  We were all given a 10 minute cap.

The Squat Clean Ladder with Double Unders is you basically have 1 minute to do 10 Double Unders and then 1 attempt at a squat clean.  If you succeed, you go up to the next weight (10# more).  The scaled women had to do 20 singles (good thing because it would’ve taken me the entire minute to do 10 DUs) and the starting ladder weight was 55# ending with 145#.  The scaled men were also 20 singles, starting weight 75# to 165#.  The Rx Women, 10 DUs starting weight 75# up to 165#.  The Rx Men, 10 DUs, starting weight 135# up to 225#.

Fran would be done by the top 4 scaled women, all the scaled men (3 of them), all the Rx women (4 of them) and top 4 Rx Men.  Scaled women thruster weight was 45# (honestly, way too light for these ladies) and a blue band for the pull-ups.  Scaled men were 65# and also a blue band.  Rx women were 65# and no band, regular pull-ups.  Rx men were 95# and no band pull-ups (regular pull-ups).  There was a 7 minute cap.

Going into this competition, I knew that I would rock the deadlifts, suck at the push-ups (I was so worried about my knees hitting the ground, that would be a no-rep) and I wasn’t feeling overly confident about the squat cleans.  My coach had been helping me out with them the day before and I was struggling with the 95#, although he was confident I could easily do 115#.  Still, at least I knew I could hit 95# (which was a new PR) but being allowed 1 attempt at it (as opposed to the entire remaining minute to try) was nerve-wracking.  I also knew, that I wouldn’t make it to Fran.  And I was ok with that since I can’t do 1 pull-up with the blue band assisting me, let alone, 21, 15 or 9.

The competition was divided into 8 heats, starting with the scaled women and ending with the Rx men.  I, of course, was in the first heat.  I couldn’t wait to get started.  The standing around was killing me!

After the coaches went over the rules and the standards it was time to start.  Coach Paul was judging me for the first round.  To help lighten the mood, he started with an “alright, let me practice…’no rep’”  I actually appreciated the teasing because it helped lighten me up.  

And just like that the clock was counting down 10 seconds and it was time to go!  

As predicted, I killed the first set of Deadlifts, doing 21 unbroken, and was the first to finish them in my heat.  Then, as predicted, I SUCKED at the HRPUs.  I was so worried about getting a no rep, they took me forever.  By the end of the first set of 21, I was breaking it up into sets of 2.  I lost a lot of time on those.  BUT, I made up a lot of time on the 15 deadlifts (have I mentioned my love of deadlifts?).  And, just like before, I lost that time on the push-ups.  I was breaking them up in 2s and literally dripping in sweat (it was so freaking hot in there!).  But I had Dan, 1 of the guys in my class, literally right in front of my face, yelling at me to keep going, to keep moving, that I got this.  It was weird.  Actually hearing people cheering my name.  And these were all people I have met this morning.  CrossFit community, it’s tough to beat.  Anyway.  By the time I was done suffering through my 15 push-ups, a couple of the girls were on their last set of 9 push-ups.  Just like before, I cranked out the deadlifts and managed to somehow finish those last 9 reps of push-ups.  Again, with the encouragement and support of everyone there.  My arms were done after that.  I finished Diane in 5:42.  I’ve never done Diane before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I’ll take it!  I lived through my first competition WOD!


I hate push-ups.


The Rx ladies killing it at handstand push-ups! (Kipping was allowed as long as your heels were touching the wall when you started your next push-up)


Making 225# look easy!

Just to show how much more difficult HSPUs are…of the Rx women, only 1 finished in the time cap (but she is superhuman) and of the Rx guys, 4 finished (out ot 12).

After all the heats completed Diane, the squat clean ladder was next.  I was so nervous.  I just wanted to make it past 55#.  I knew I could do the weight, but that 1 shot at it was playing serious games with my brain.  Not to mention, I suck at jump rope, so even doing the singles in front of people was worrying me!

I was 4th to start.  I watched the girls go in front of me, hitting their weights.  I felt ok, knowing I had people in front of me, that meant there were other people to watch so no one was watching me if I screwed up.  OK.  That’s not true, I still had people cheering for me.  So, I was up, I hit 55#, 65#, 75#, 85# and then 95#.  I was honestly trying not to think about what weight I was up to, I was just trying to get up there and do it.  The jump rope actually helped with that.  It was tiring me out enough that I wasn’t thinking, I was just trying to breathe.  Suddenly after I hit 95#, I had no one in front of me any more.  Crap.  20 singles, I hit 105#.  20 singles, I hit 115#!  Then came 125#.  Then my brain started to kick in.  In my mind, I only had to hit 115#  because that’s the number my coach had put in my head from the day before.  And I was psyched to hit it!  I failed at 125#.  My brain got the better of me.  But I know I could hit it.  My form was still good for 115#, I didn’t really struggle with it.  While I’m annoyed I didn’t prepare for 125#, I’m still super psyched about 115#, I mean, hell, that’s a 20# PR…in 1 day!


Why am I showing this very unflattering picture of me?!?! Because this is what a 20# PR looks like!


And speaking of PR, this girl is a beast! She PR’d with 165# (which I’m pretty sure might be twice her body weight).

After everyone completed the ladder, the results were in.  I didn’t make the top 4…which I expected (and kind of secretly hoped).  I did well in the Squat Clean Ladder (tied for 3rd) but I was too far behind in Diane.  Either way though, I’m kinda proud of myself.  I tried and completed my first competition…and lived!

Just as an FYI, Fran killed everyone!  Of all the 4 final heats (12 people) only 4 completed it.  These are people who can normally do Fran no problem, but those 2 WODs before it take a lot out of you!  


Pull-Ups during Fran


From left to right: Scaled Men winner, Scaled Women winner, Rx Women winner (technically the winner was from another box who was invited as a guest, so this is the winner from our box), the 1st Place Rx Men and 2nd Place Rx Men (the men got 2 because there was so many of them).

Would I have liked to have done better?  Yes.  Am I glad I signed up for this thing?  Surprisingly, yes!  It gave me the chance to get to know other people at my box and cheering them all on and having them cheer for me, it was pretty awesome.  

Of course I now realize I am not ready AT ALL for the Disney Fitness Challenge!  Oh well, who cares, I’ll be in WDW!


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