I’ll Make a Runner Out of You

2 Sep

With Disneyland less than a day away (FINALLY) what trip would be complete without another Disney song remix?!?!  My apologies on not finding a one syllable word to properly replace “man”)  Oddly enough, I actually don’t have to change that much of the lyrics to make it about running so here we go…

Let’s get down to business
To defeat the run
Did they plan on torture when I asked for fun?
This is the saddest pace I ever had
But you can bet before we’re through
Mister, I’ll make a runner out of you

Panting like a mad man
Feet on fire within
Once you find your training
You are sure to win
You’re a tired, pained, pathetic lot
And you haven’t got a clue
Somehow I’ll make a runner out of you

I’m never gonna catch my breath
Say goodbye to those who knew me
Boy, was I a fool in school for cutting gym
This race’s got ’em scared to death
Hope all this water doesn’t make me pee
Now I really wish that I hadn’t registered

(Be a runner)
You must be swift as a coursing river
(Be a runner)
With all the force of a great typhoon
(Be a runner)
With all the strength of a raging fire
Is this trip to Disney worth my doom?!?!

Time is racing toward us till the balloon ladies arrive
Heed all the training plan and you might survive
You’re unsuited for the rage of racing
So pack up, go home you’re through
How could I make a runner out of you?

You must be swift as a coursing river
(Be a runner)
With all the force of a great typhoon
(Be a runner)
With all the strength of a raging fire
Is this trip to Disney worth my doom?!?!

Although the Nuun giveaway has ended, I am still raising money for Giving to Extremes by running the Marine Corp Marathon you can read why here!  You can also donate here!  Any and all support helps :)

All A Girl Needs is Some Felt and a Glue Gun: The Costumes Reveal!

31 Aug

So I typically don’t post my costumes here before I race in them…but that’s gonna change!  Why?  Because they look way better lying flat on my bed that on me!

So for Disneyland, there will be 2 costumes as I am partaking in 3 races: the 5K, the 10K and the half marathon (as part of the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge).  Now, while I am panicking about these races because I have been plagued by injuries, I am however NOT panicking about how awesome I am gonna look while either succeeding or failing at these things.  Or the amount of fun I am going to have.  Because it’s the happiest place on Earth and I will have fun if it kills me dammit!

First up, we have the 5K.  The 5K was a super last minute sign up, so the costume had to be something super fast and easy.  Also, given the the distance, I like using the 5K to wear something I wouldn’t normally wear for a longer race (i.e. a hat or a prop).  So I went with Captain Hook!  With Nicole already having a Mr. Smee costume, it was perfect!

2015-08-30 (1)

Not pictured: shoe “buckles”

This was super easy and fast to make.  I already had the red visor (and am using it for another costume this trip).  I hot glued a feather to a safety pin, and voila!  His hat!  The sash is strips of felt that I glue gunned together (in the old days I may have sewn them but ain’t nobody got time for that any more.   The ascot is made up of the back of one of Doug’s old t-shirts.  Cut, layered and glue gunned together to a safety pin (again, could have sewn, but time yadda yadda).  Red tank was $5 from target and I already had the gunmetal sparkle skirt.  Hook was from amazon and cost the same as the cheap plastic ones but this one talks!  My shoe buckles, which are not pictured (sorry) are made from gold glitter paper glued to pieces of cardboard, hot glued to safety pins for easy attaching and detaching from my sneakers.  Seriously, Nicole saved my wardrobe with introducing me to glue guns and safety pins.

Next up, we have the 10k!  Doug is running with me and we like to match, but he doesn’t want to wear anything too costume-y.  So, we’ll be Mike and Sully!  Despite me being bigger than Doug, I will actually be Mike Wazowski and he will be Sully.


His headband was bought from amazon (and I’m amazed his willing to wear it) while I just cut out pieces of purple felt, glue gunned to safety pins so that he can easily take off the spots and re-wear the shirt and shorts again.  (The spot placement isn’t so great on my part, but I made a hidden Mickey!).  I already had the green visor, skirt and shirt.  I made Mike’s eye and mouth out of felt and a glue gun, and again glue gunned them to safety pins so that I could wear the shirt again.  I also did the same with Mike’s horns.  Felt, glue gun, safety pins.

And last but not least, we have the half marathon!  Now, this last one, I can’t really take credit for because my amazing running partner in crime made these from (you guessed it, felt and a glue gun!)

2015-08-30 (2)

Can she make a great bow or what?!?!

I did make our “hats”


The flags made from felt (big shocker), hot glued (surprising again right) to a popsicle stick, inside a cork, all glued to a hair comb which will hopefully stay in place.  Fingers crossed!

And there you have it…my costumes for Disneyland…which I leave for in 2 days 19 hours and 50 minutes (not that I’m counting).  If you see me there, please feel free to say hi!

Although the Nuun giveaway has ended, I am still raising money for Giving to Extremes by running the Marine Corp Marathon you can read why here!  You can also donate here!  Any and all support helps :)

I Know I’ve Said This Before But…

26 Aug


No doubt you have all heard about this already…



The announcement of this literally lead to me being unable to stop bouncing in my chair for over an hour.  Seriously.  An hour.  I immediately called my husband like 5 times (WHY THE HELL WAS HE NOT ANSWERING THE PHONE?!?!) and telling EVERYONE I knew who’d even heard of Disney or Star Wars the news.

What’s the big deal?  I mean Disneyland already had a Star Wars themed race, right?  WRONG!  See, since the Avengers half marathon fiasco where I impulsively registered for the race, then deferred it, and never used my deferral because I haven’t won lotto yet (although it’s still not sold out so I could still use it…if I win lotto), I’ve become a little more of a grown-up (slightly, microscopically) and have learned that I cannot easily make a RunDisney trip to Disneyland which is all the way across the country.  So, while I was super psyched about the announcement of the race in Disneyland, I was not as excited because I knew that I could not realistically participate any time soon…

And then yesterday happens.  They are doing it in FLORIDA!  WALT DISNEY WORLD!  Which is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY easier!  Plus it’s the Dark Side which is way cooler!  Because, I mean, come on, DEATH STAR CHALLENGE MEDAL!!!

If you participate in both Star Wars race weekends (I’m pretty sure it has to be at least the half marathons), you get a special Coast to Coast “Kessel Run Challenge” medal!  Don’t worry, you don’t have to complete it in less than 12 parsecs to get the Millennium Falcon themed medal.  I’ll get to that one eventually…hopefully…just not this year.

Is it obvious what a dork I am yet?

Soooooooooo, after 1-2 hours of bouncing in my chair, being unable to get any work done, and FINALLY talking to my husband, reality has set in a little bit.  I.  Have.  No.  Money.

But wait!  This race is 2 weeks before my birthday!  Maybe I can cash in some early birthday presents to cover registration (because of course I’m going for the challenge…screw it, I’ll probably do the 5K too because I have issues).  I can use points for airlines and I have an annual pass.  All I need now is somewhere to stay…that will not require me selling an internal organ to stay there.  Anyone looking for a roomie?!?!


I find your lack of faith in registering for this race disturbing…

Registration opens on September 22 (can’t find word on if there is an early registration date…YET…for DVC members or Annual Passholders) so I guess I have until then to get some sort of miracle to happen.

May the force be with me…and I guess you.  But more with me.

And the Winner Is…

25 Aug IMG_5365-1



Yes I literally picked the name out of a hat…ok, a Mike Wazowski mug…because I’m not all tech savy

I want to thank everyone who donated.  I didn’t hit my goal…or even half my goal, but every bit helps and I greatly appreciate your support for the cause and for me!  You guys rock!

Just because the giveaway is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still help donate to Giving to Extremes!  I’m still running the Marine Corp Marathon for them!  Feel free to do so here!

Karla please message me your address so we can mail you your fun gear :) (and I promise I won’t stalk you…probably :P )

And on that note, here’s your daily dose of Disney because I’LL BE IN DISNEYLAND IN LESS THAT 9 DAYS!!!


OK, i’t s not Disneyland, but it’s still RunDisney and marathon related!

I Heart Baymax

21 Aug

If you haven’t seen Big Hero 6, do it, do it NOW!  And bring some tissues.  Yeah, you’re gonna need those.  And just like a typical superhero (Marvel) movie, YOU NEED TO WATCH THE END OF THE CREDITS!

With that, because I’m in a cranky mood but it’s Friday so I need to snap out of it…I give you Baymax fist bumps!

Don’t forget I’ve extended my Marine Corp Marathon charity donation and Nuun giveway through August 23!  Donate here ANY amount (even $1) and be eligible to win some Nuun swag including 2 fun flavors!


20 Aug

I will be a couple of hours away from landing at LAX in 2 weeks to head to Disneyland and participating in the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge (and the 5K).  To say I am excited is an understatement.  As my daily misery at work grows (and not being able to do CrossFit in the meantime isn’t helping), this trip is what will keep me going.  The Happiest Place on Earth.

Honeymoon 905

ALL THE BLING!  This was my first challenge…I clearly hadn’t mastered the multiple medal pose

So basically expect a lot of Disney posts (mostly whining about how I’m not there yet), including another running song remix and we’ll do some Cape Cod recaps in there to mix it up (I was in Cape Cod btw…)

Don’t forget I’ve extended my Marine Corp Marathon charity donation and Nuun giveway through August 23!  Donate here ANY amount (even $1) and be eligible to win some Nuun swag including 2 fun flavors!


14 Aug

I know you will all be SO thrilled about this, but due to overwhelming popular demand (or lack thereof) my Nuun Giveaway is being extended through next week!  That’s right ladies and germs, you get an extra week to donate $1 (or more) to an amazing, worthwhile charity (that’s I’m running 26.2 miles for) and win this amazing swag!


Remember, this included not 1, but 2 nuun energy “drinks”!  You can donate $5 and essentially make money on this, all just for donating to a great cause.

In case you’ve forgotten I am running the Marine Corp Marathon for Giving to Extremes.  And another reminder, this is what it’s all about…

Did you know?

About 11% of worldwide disabling conditions result from conditions requiring surgery. Yet, the poorest 35% of the world’s population receives only 3% of all surgeries. Injuries, pregnancy-related complications, cancers, and birth defects comprise a large part of these tragic illnesses that can be treated with surgery. It is no wonder that, because of this, surgery has been called the “neglected stepchild of public global health”!

Pregnancy-related Illnesses – For every woman who dies some twenty others face long-lasting consequences resulting from pregnancy. These women often face lasting physical, psychological, emotional, and social consequences.

Cancer – Approximately 7.5 million people die of cancer annually, two-thirds of which are found in developing countries. Without help, another 80 million will die in the next decade. Sadly, these countries often lack the resources to diagnose and treat this increasing problem, which is many times amenable to surgery.

Giving to Extremes’ Mission

Delivering Surgeries

We send doctors and medical volunteers to underserved populations to deliver life-changing surgeries. We are also proud to support partner organizations in their surgical mission work throughout the world. One surgery at a time, we strive to help each of our patients regain the life that all of us deserve.

Delivering Education and Infastructure

Ensuring sustainability is the best way to tackle the enormous lack of surgical care that faces these populations. We give medical equipment to help build local surgical facilities. We provide education to help train local health care professionals so that they can treat people in need throughout the year. We also provide education in preventative care. The best way to truly treat surgical illness is to prevent it.

Delivering the story

True to our founding beliefs, we tell the story of each of our missions. Each trip is documented with its own webpage. Through photos, videos, patient interviews, and blog updates, we invite you on our missions. Come along on our inspirational journey!

So, you now have until August 23, 2015 (winner announced on my blog on August 24, 2015) to make a donation in ANY amount here and be entered to win:

A Nuun hat
A Nuun pint glass
2 Bottles of Nuun in flavors Kona Cola and Cherry Limeade (yum!)
Nuun sitckers
Nuun tattoos

You can also read about my original decision to run this race here.

Come on?  Donate to a good cause AND possible win fun swag?  It’s a win win no matter!


Running Marine Corp Marathon
Running for Amazing Charity
Raising Money for Said Charity
Donate Any Amount to Said Charity
Entered to Win Awesome Nuun Gear
Now through August 23, 2015.

Thank you again :)


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